Rock Salt wholesaler

Rock Salt wholesaler, export and supply orange rock salt and red rock salt, white rock salt with 99.5 % purity for edible.

Rock Salt is extracted from different salt mines in different parts of the country. Salt rock can usually not be used in the form of rock and rock, and by beating it, different types of industrial salt must be created and used in different industrial and production parts. The purity of industrial salt, which is extracted from the mine and has not been processed, is usually up to 95% and has various impurities that sometimes cause pink salt and blue salt.

What is the Rock Salt?

Salt rock is extracted from the salt mine as the primary form of this material. Salt rock has a different purity depending on the mineral from which it is extracted, and its color may be pink or blue. Salt has the chemical formula of NaCl and is a combination of chlorine and sodium, has a normal acidity and dissolves easily in water. Due to its natural impurities, the natural salt stone has different colors such as pink, blue and dark colors, which become white after the purification process. Application of rock salt

  • Leather and tanneries
  • As a diet of livestock and poultry
  • In the fisheries industry
  • In the aluminum industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Hardening and removal of sediments in industrial and domestic facilities
  • Making decorative items
  • Making salt walls and salt bricks
  • Oil and gas drilling industries
  • Cosmetic industry

Rock Salt wholesaler

One of the most important uses of rock salt in the industry is to produce caustic soda, which is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world. Salt is also used in the oil industry for tens of thousands of tons a year. In the extraction of crude oil, drilling salt is used to create strength to prevent the walls of the well from collapsing and to extract oil more easily. Industrial rock salt is also used in tanning and tanning to prolong the life of the leather. Salt rock is used for food in livestock and livestock farms. Salt rock salt is sold in different qualities according to the customer’s taste and at the most reasonable price on this site. The price of rock salt will vary depending on the type of rock and the items associated with its extraction and shipping.

Rock Salt wholesaler

Top Rock Salt Wholesalers

The sale of decorative salt stone, as its name implies, has only a decorative and aesthetic aspect. Pure salt in its pure state has transparency and beauty and can have special visual appeal. Usually, to produce and sell rock salt lamp, the inside of the rock salt is shaved and a lamp is placed inside it. In this way, due to the transparency of the stone, the light comes out of it in a limited way and gives a special beauty to the environment. Of course, salt rock, which has the necessary purity to be transparent enough, is rare in nature, and in some salt mines, there are streaks.

Rock Salt wholesaler

Rock Salt Wholesale Prices

Salt rock is a natural form of salt in nature that is formed in the salt mine and may contain some impurities depending on the type of site from which it is extracted. Salt rock is used both as rock and rock, and it can be pounded. Saltstone is also used for decorative purposes. Buy high-quality salt rock and deliver it to this site as soon as possible. Salt rock is packaged and bulk.

Rock Salt wholesaler

rock salt prices are determined by its quality, color, and size. Also, the place of delivery of the goods and the cost of transportation is effective in its pricing. If there is a need to package this product, the cost of the bag will be added to the total price.

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