shopping center of rock salt

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Crystal decorative animal salt stone shopping center for export, refined edible salt with special packaging and related licenses, if you intend to export any type of salt stone, Halito salt stone collection will deliver the desired product to you according to the order in the destination country. Dad.

Rock salt is a natural crystal of salt that has been made in the heart of salt caves and mountains for millions of years, so it has no additives and is used in different types and for different applications. If you are going to buy rock salt, join us in this article to give you useful information in this field.

Introducing different type of edible rock salt

There are different types of rock salts that can be divided into different categories, including:

  • Based on color
  • Based on purity percentage
  • Based on application

If we want to introduce salt rocks based on color, at the top of the list, the name of blue salt rock shows itself because it is the rarest type of rock salt in the world and on the other hand, it is also the most expensive type. In the following, we will talk more about blue salt rock.

shopping center of rock salt

The next rock salt is pink salt rock, which is mostly used for food consumption, and it has been opened to our country, Iran, for several years, but it is interesting to know that with the efforts made by Iran salt rock (pink) by Halito Collection Introduced to world markets and now many countries are familiar with Iranian pink salt rock, one of the most famous of these countries is India.

If we consider the percentage of purity of salt rock, we should introduce crystalline rock salt, which has a very high percentage of purity, and some of its very transparent types have recorded a purity of 99.9% in the experiments performed by the collection, which is very high in its kind. Interesting and rare.

After that, we can mention the high salt rock that is extracted and supplied by Halito Group, which has many export customers, and in the domestic market, some factories also use this rock salt.

But regarding the use of these rock salts, it should be said that the use of rock salt in Iran and abroad is somewhat different and the most important difference in the type of consumption for human food can be considered.

shopping center of rock salt

For example, red and orange rock salts, which generally have a purity of over 98%, are purchased by neighboring and non-neighboring countries, and after washing, pounding and packaging, they go to the markets of those countries, and specifically on the packaging of the phrase unrefined. It is inserted because the population of that country is more inclined to consume unrefined salt and consume salt based on their beliefs.

But in Iran, according to the Ministry of Health, the only salt that can be used in human food is refined salt, which is opposed by opponents, for example, blue, crystalline rock salt and high quality rock salt has a purity much higher than refined salt. Are but are not known as edible.

Familiarity with blue rock salt

One of the salt rocks mentioned earlier and classified according to its color is blue salt rock! Of course, you should note that blue salt rock has different categories that will be briefly explained about them, dear readers. They can more easily choose the product they want.

  • Colorful blue salt rock
  • Pale blue rock salt
  • Blue salt

Full-color blue salt rock is very rare in terms of quantity and has a very high price, and it should be noted that in terms of purity percentage is not different from the pale type, and only because of more potassium, its blue color is more, and interestingly, most buyers of this product There are people who collect rare gemstones.

Pale crystalline rock salt is more abundant in terms of frequency and is not different from the full color in terms of consumption and edibility, and in European countries and the United States, the same pale sample is consumed after being crushed.

It has the lowest price among blue salts of blue salt, which is not much different from the crystalline type in terms of healing properties, but it has a lower price because its amount is much more abundant.

shopping center of rock salt

The only option that has the highest quantity and the best price for export is the same blue salt of sugar cane, which even its stone is very brittle and has a sugar state, so it is also known by the same name.

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Purchase bulk rock salt

If you are planning to operate in the domestic market or export rock salt, it is better to work on buying it in bulk. Halito Rock salt group, in addition to extracting various types of rock salt and Kooish Salt Rock Factory, has specialized salt rock cutting workshops.

  • The largest producer of decorative rock salt
  • The largest producer of salt bricks
  • Major manufacturer of salt adhesive
  • Major supplier of colored rock salt

Proof of this. To export any type of rock salt, before any action, contact the experts of Halito Collection and receive a free consultation.

shopping center of rock salt

Shopping center of rock salt

Moreover, we said that salt stone is used in various decorative, food and therapeutic purposes due to its purity and ingredients. The price is determined according to the supply and demand of salt rock in the market and the quality of salt rock, which is according to the purity and its ingredients. Due to the fact that rock salt is a mineral and its price is variable, it may be offered at different prices in different mines.

shopping center of rock salt

Also, the price of this product varies according to its packaging, especially cut salt stones and decoration, which will have very different prices based on elegance.

There are many salt ores in Iran and high quality and pure salt ores are extracted from only some of them. Edible salt is the primary seasoning and flavoring of food, and therefore a large part of the rock salt extracted from the mines is consumed orally.

shopping center of rock salt

Where to go to buy rock salt?

Halito rock salt collection, in addition to the topic of salt rock export, is active in the domestic market, in the field of decorative salt rock, refined and unrefined salt and valuable rock salts such as blue salt rock, pink and crystal rock salt, responsive to its customers. is.

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shopping center of rock salt

Contact us to buy a variety of rock salt products.

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