manufacturer of orange salt

Major manufacturer of orange salt in Iran, produce of pink salt and orange salt monthly 900 tons, red rock salt, Persian blue salt block.

Major producer of Garmsar orange salt, order to buy orange and pink rock salt, export of orange rock salt, manufacturer of colored salts, possibility of bulk delivery and packaging.

What is Orange Salt?

As you know, there are many rock salts, each of which has different appearance and functional properties according to its type of structure and quality. Different salts are produced from rock salts in mines, one of which is a sample of the obtained products. It is an orange salt that is produced by crushing orange rock salts.

The reason for the orange color of this enriched iron salt in this product is that it has changed its color from white to orange.

Orange salt is mainly found in Garmsar region of Semnan province, which is mainly found in perfumeries and mineral salt sales centers, which, like many other salts, has beneficial and therapeutic benefits and properties.

The use of orange salts are very suitable for calming the nerves and controlling stress.

Orange salts have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can easily kill harmful bacteria in the body.

manufacturer of orange salt

The difference between orange and pink salt

Orange salt is rich in organic and inorganic materials such as iron, which is an iron enriched in this salt for iron deficiency and anemia is an appropriate and effective option, orange salt in addition to usability in cooking in the field Production and preparation of lampshades, stone sculptures, etc. is also used, while pink or Himalayan salt is known for its rarity and is often used in the preparation of therapeutic drugs with unique properties. The individual has been able to achieve significant success in the treatment of physical and mental illnesses.

manufacturer of orange salt

Manufacturer of orange salt in Iran

In our country’s surface salt mines, different salt rocks can be found, each of which has special quality and capabilities according to its type of structure, color and characteristics. Orange salt rock is one of the salt mines extracted from our country’s mines in Iran. Has been able to become a valuable and therapeutic product due to its large amount of iron,

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manufacturer of orange salt

Most of the orange colored rock salt extracted from Iran’s mines is exported to Pakistan and India because it is not possible to buy orange rock salt directly from Pakistan and on the other hand it is sold more expensive than usual, which causes these factors. India has the largest volume of orange rock salt.

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