rock salt supplier

Iran rock salt supplier and exporter, biggest supplier for rock salt in Iran, red rock salt, pink rock salt, orange rock salt, white rock salt.

Edible salt factory

Halito rock salt group In addition to having salt mine, it has the largest edible salt producing plant that produces 99.65% edible salt and produces it in a 25kg package.

rock salt supplier

Sell road salt

Of all salts, road salt is the most commonly used salt because road salt is one of the main drivers of road opening in autumn and winter, and without it it will be difficult to prevent traffic.
Halito rock Salt Group is the largest producer of road salt in Iran.

rock salt supplier

Export industrial salt

Industrial salt production, due to its great use, is always at the top of all factories, with mesh 110 and mesh 80 consuming more than other industrial salts and producing them daily.

Among the common sizes of industrial salt are mesh 120 and 130 salts, which are quite similar to edible salts and powdery salts in humid air, because of their small size, they attach to the outlet of the device and are not easily removed.

Except for powdered salt which cannot be packaged in jumbo bag. Other sizes of industrial salt can be packed in one ton jumbo bags.

rock salt supplier

Type of rock salt

Raw salt rock, also called natural rock salt or rock salt rock, is used for many applications such as livestock rock, petrochemical industry, edible salt production in iodized salt plants, drilling, wastewater treatment, resin restoration and so on. Sells.

Halito rock salt group For the convenience of business owners, including those involved in agriculture, animal husbandry and large manufacturing industries who need to use salt rock, it is possible to purchase salt directly from the salt mine and simply place an order with one phone. And get your salt stone in place.

Many industry owners need rock salt to make their raw materials, so the quality of the raw salt obtained can have a major impact on the quality of their raw materials.

Lubricating, scaling, antifreeze, aluminum, rubber production are other industries that require crude salt, so we recommend the owners of these industries to purchase high quality and pure crude salt from Halito rock salt group.

rock salt supplier

Biggest rock salt supplier in Iran

Halito salt, due to its high quality, is exported to countries such as India, Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as one of Iran’s export products.

rock salt supplier

If you are planning to buy salt from Iran, Halito Group is the largest supplier of salt in Iran.
Halito Group offers the cheapest ocean freight service to our customers so be sure to contact us before buying Rock salt.

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