white rock salt

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What are the benefits of using rock salt for sheep?

Salt is one of the most valuable minerals known in the world. Humans have long used salt for medicine, food, food preservation, and consumption. In addition to humans, the excellent properties of salt have led to the inclusion of salt in animal feed. The subject we are going to address is rock salt for sheep.

Every healthy sheep needs 7 to 15 grams of salt daily. Salt is an important food for sheep. It is better to prepare rock salt instead of crushed or soft salt for sheep. Because in this case, the sheep does not lick the rock salt, but chews it, which may cause the sheep teeth to break. Sheep eat crushed or soft salt very quickly and have no problem eating it, which causes large amounts of salt to reach the animal’s body.

The use of rock salt for sheep is to prevent and treat microbial and gastrointestinal diseases of sheep. Rock salt for sheep can be added to sheep feed as a dietary supplement along with cereals and fodder. Sodium in salt is one of the vital nutrients for sheep.

white rock salt

Is rock salt good for cattle?

Thousands of years ago, humans realized that animals traveled to salt caves or seas to supply their bodies with salt. It is interesting to note that early hunters and tent dwellers were well aware of this. Therefore, for easier hunting of animals, in certain areas and areas, salt is used as bait. Animals went to these areas after learning of the presence of salt in these areas, and humans also hunted them.

white rock salt

Iran white rock salt supplier

As you know, salt is made up of the elements sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) ionically. These two elements are involved in most of the daily work of animals and humans, and their deficiency causes many problems. Salt also strengthens the nervous system and improves the efficiency of the hormonal system of sheep and increases the absorption of amino acids and regulates blood pH. In feeding sheep, because plants can not be a good source of sodium and chlorine needed, they should add salt to their diet to balance the minerals needed by the animals.

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white rock salt

It is possible to supply rock salt for sheep in bulk and packed in any tonnage.

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