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Salt rock is the primary and natural form of salt in nature, which is used to produce a variety of industrial salts such as fishery salt, powdered salt, oyster salt, pea salt, sugar salt, and drilling salt, as well as to produce refined iodized crystallized food salt. According to published statistics, a small portion of the rock salt extracted from the mines, which is about 6 percent in size, is used for food. The remaining 94% will be used in other industries. Today, rock salt also has decorative uses and is used to make some handicrafts. You can use this site to buy rock salt in bulk.

Rock Salt Type List

In general, salt production in the world is done for use in the chemical, food, human and other industries. Today, salt production in the world reaches 240 million tons per year. About one-third of this amount is extracted by Solar Salt, another third by Rock Salt, and the rest by Brine Well. rock salt vs sea salt

  • ┬áSource

Sea salt is usually made from seawater and its name explains its source. Solid particles from after the evaporation of seawater. These solid particles are selected and refined through a specialized method and sold after proper packaging. Stone salt consists of underground rocks that form below the earth’s surface. Seawater must evaporate for a long time for the salt particles to appear, but the rock salt is extracted from other minerals and prepared for consumption. Sea salt is widely extracted in the sea and later exported to other parts of the world. Salt rock is not as abundant as sea salt. Sea salt is found in many large seas around the world.

buy Rock Salt

  • Physical properties

Sea salt: This type of salt is usually in the form of crystals that can be thin or thick.

Sea salt is available in white, pink, black and gray depending on the place of origin and the type of impurity. Rock salt is not uniform in nature with large, sticky crystals. In addition, rock salt has a gray color that is strongly associated with a large number of impurities.

  • How to use

Sea salt is mostly used as a food for preservation and flavoring purposes. It is also used in spa treatments and other beauty-related factors, including pedicures, which are common among people. Sea salt is also used to preserve meat and seafood. Salt rock is often used in areas where large amounts of salt are needed, especially in making ice cream and melting ice on roads after the snowfall, due to lower ice melting points.

  • ┬áscent and taste

Another distinguishing factor between sea salt and rock salt is that sea salt is used in food. The mild taste of sea salt is described by many salt lovers as mild. On the other hand, rock salt has a stronger taste, which makes it suitable for meat and seafood.

  • ┬áminerals

Sea salt contains magnesium, sulfur, and sodium chloride minerals. The presence of trace elements and other minerals is the reason for the mild taste of sea salt. However, sea salt contains 98% sodium chloride. On the other hand, rock salt does not contain many external elements and has more effective compounds than sodium chloride compounds compared to sea salt. However, some impurities in rock salt cause it to turn gray. The rock salt found in underground mines is cheaper than sea salt.

buy Rock Salt

Rock Salt Types Price List

Salt rock is a natural form of salt in nature that is formed in the salt mine and may contain some impurities depending on the type of site from which it is extracted. Salt rock is used both as rock and rock, and it can be pounded. Saltstone is also used for decorative purposes.

buy Rock Salt

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