rock salt wholesale center

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Rock salt wholesale center

The purchase of rock salt in Iran is done in order to achieve various goals and its use in various fields such as decoration and ornamentation, animal husbandry, removing sediments, is very common and common.

By buying rock salt, you can use them effectively in cooking as well, and because they retain heat efficiently and at high temperatures, they can be used to cook or grill meat, chicken, eggs, fish. Seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables are ideal.

Of course, for this case, you must use board salt or plate salt, which the Halito collection produces in very large dimensions of 30 x 50 cm.

Blue rock salt is one of the rare stones that is available in Iran and is used by many people for oral use.

rock salt wholesale center

Supply Food grade rock salt

Among the different types of rock salt, in addition to blue salt rock, which has a very high purity and food consumption, we can mention crystal salt rock, as well as orange and red rock salt, which has food consumption.
Red salt has a purity of more than 98% and crystalline salt has a purity of nearly 100%.
It also has edible white salt rock with a purity above 99.5%.

rock salt wholesale center

Buy raw rock salt

To buy rock salt in raw form, it is important to pay attention to its purity. Also, the amount of purity has a great impact on the application of the stone, and therefore the stones are different in terms of price. Livestock farmers need the raw type of rock salt to feed their livestock, so the Halito Group sends livestock rock salt in bulk, even at a low rate of at least 2 tons.

rock salt wholesale center

Sell rock salt to soften water

rock salt is one of the necessities of life in Tehran, and without it, residential complexes will certainly face very serious problems.

Hard water contains significant amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. This paves the way for sedimentation, but on the other hand, raw rock salts contain significant amounts of sodium and have a great ability to remove water hardness..

rock salt wholesale center

Production of decor salt lamp

The purchase of rock salt is also done in order to produce decorative accessories. However, this type of salt rock is different from other rock rocks because they must be able to be cut.

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rock salt wholesale center

Salt cut stones are available in white, orange and red by the Halito rock salt group.

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