The largest salt brick production center in Iran

salt brick production center

The largest salt brick production center in Iran, 10*15*3 cm, 10*20*3 cm very high quality in very cheap price.

What is salt brick?

Salted brick is a piece of salt that is prepared in the form of ordinary bricks and is used to build a salt wall.

No harmful chemicals are used in the production of this brick, and it has many properties because it is cut from natural rock salt.

Salt bricks are used due to their unique healing properties in the construction of salt rooms, interior decoration, production of decorative and decorative items, as well as the manufacture of cooking utensils.

Salt walls and salt rooms are the most popular and widely used uses for salt bricks, a well-known application around the world.


Salt therapy rooms are expanding around the world and are very popular with patients with respiratory problems.

salt brick production center

Benefits of salt brick

Unlike ordinary brick or marble, salt brick has unique healing properties, and one of the most important properties that has been proven during scientific research is helping to solve respiratory problems.

Salt chambers are one of the best treatments for respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and chronic asthma, especially in children, and it is interesting to know that salt bricks do this through air purification.


Treatment of neurological diseases such as migraine headaches, various allergies are other benefits of salt room.

salt brick production center

Salt room design with salt brick

History of design and construction of salt chambers dates back to ancient Greece It was Russia that helped advance the science of salt therapy.

The use of bricks to make a salt room, in addition to being beautiful, is also a wonderful interior decoration, and in doctors’ offices or waiting rooms, salt bricks can be used in the best way.

salt brick production center

Salt brick production center

The best type of salt therapy brick is produced in different dimensions and colors in Halito group, but in addition to salt brick, other equipment is needed to make the salt room.

To build a salt room, you need different equipment, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Salt bricks, blocks and salt tiles are the first requirements for a salt room
    A halogenator is a device used in salt therapy rooms to disperse salt particles.
  • Special salt glue is another tool needed to arrange salt blocks.
  • Flooring and roofing materials are also needed to build and operate a salt room.
  • Salt lampshades are used in most salt therapy rooms. In addition to their healing properties, these lampshades create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.
  • The lighting of the salt room and the type of lamp used are very impressive
    Underfloor heating system

salt brick production center

However, equipping a salt room will return to space first and then to your budget, but keep in mind that we can eliminate many of your unnecessary expenses and offer an alternative solution.