Persian salt lamp

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How to produce decor salt lamp

Salt stone lamps and all kinds of salt decorative accessories are among the products that have been considered in recent years. These appliances are made of salt rock clusters and are produced and sent to the consumer market using different tools for cutting and forming stones in different dimensions and shapes.

A variety of decorative salt lamps are among the devices that, while having the unique properties of rock salt, have an attractive and beautiful style. Most people know the benefits of using salt stone bedside tables and decorative salt stones and therefore want to use it.

For the production of decorative salt rock, salt rock clusters extracted from natural rock salt mines are used. These stones are used to produce a variety of decorations, such as salt rock lampshades.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale Persian salt lamp

Persian salt rock bedside lamps are produced from salt block and a low voltage lamp with low voltage and emit light and heat because the heat of the lamp is necessary to produce beneficial therapeutic effects of salt and light creates a lovely glow.

Light bulbs create a relaxing environment by illuminating your home or workplace. In addition, Persian salt lamps help to clean the air by producing negative ions and reduce stress and nervous headaches.

Persian salt lamp

Decorative Salt lamp Center

Decorative salt stones are sold in the form of salt stone lampshades, candle holders and salt paintings, and these decorative accessories, in addition to being beautiful, have unique designs and can be used in various spaces such as homes, offices and medical centers.

Halito Decorative Salt Stone Sales Center is the largest producer of decorative salt rock in Iran, which sells its products online.

For bulk orders, it is also possible to receive orders and shipments by freight or by private car.

Persian salt lamp

Buy bulk raw rock salt

Raw salt rock is the main raw material for the production of all kinds of salt decorative products, which is extracted from salt rock mines and sent to workshops for the production of decorative accessories.

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Persian salt lamp

Keep in mind that not every salt rock can be cut because of the high and dense quality of the salt rock and on the other hand it can be cut and has proportionate dimensions because the very small rock salt is not suitable for cutting workshops.

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