supply rock salt

Supply and export of rock salt monthly capacity 1500 tons, white rock salt purity 99.2 %, orange rock salt, pink rock salt supply to India, Iraq, Azerbaijan.

Supply and export of rock salt with a monthly capacity of 1500 tons, red rock salt, orange rock salt, white rock salt, blue rock salt, packed in small 25 kg bags, 1 ton jumbo bags, especially for the Indian, Iraq, and Turkish markets. .

History of salt in Iran

Before we want to talk about the export of salt, it is necessary to provide you with information about the history of salt in Iran. As you know, Iran is one of the countries where there is wide access to salt mines. The age of these mines is estimated to be around 6000 years BC. According to historians, salt has been used in Iran since the establishment of the Aryans in the Persian land until today.

supply rock salt

Familiarity with types of mineral rock salt

We all know that there are different types of rock salt in Iran. Therefore, the export of rock salt in Iran has a good prosperity. Among the types of mineral salts that exist in Iran, the following can be mentioned:

  • Blue salt: This salt is one of the most popular mineral salts, the presence of potassium in it has changed the color of this salt to blue. One of the important features of blue salt is blood pressure regulation.
  • Red salt: It is another mineral salt that accounts for a large share of rock salt exports. The red color of this salt is due to the presence of a large amount of iron in it. The presence of this element has given it special properties, among which we can mention the treatment of anemia.
  • Orange salt: This salt has the same characteristics and properties as red salt, with the difference that its iron content is less than red salt.
  • White salt: White salt, which is also known as edible salt, is the most familiar type of salt for us Iranians. Because we all use this salt for cooking.
  • Crystal salt: Crystal salt, which is also of interest in the export of rock salt, is one of the most expensive rock salts. Because of its special properties, in addition to cooking, it is also used in the preparation of cosmetics and health products.

supply rock salt

Supply rock salt to India

One of the export destinations of rock salt is India. As you know, spicy and salty foods are specific to this region. Therefore, it can be said that the consumption of this substance is very high in India. Since this country does not have access to salt mines inside, it is forced to import it. Iran is one of the countries that has been able to export all kinds of mineral salt to this country in recent years.

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supply rock salt

Orange and red rock salt has a monthly supply capacity of 3,500 tons in Jambug bags.

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