Iran industrial salt

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Buying industrial salt is more in demand than edible salt due to its high use in various industries. You may ask yourself what industrial salt is and you have not heard of it until now. The purity and quality of edible salts is high and is about 99%. The reason for that is the operation that occurs during salt purification. But industrial salt has a lower quality and purity because it does not need to be purified.

Fortunately, Iran is one of the first twenty countries in the world in the production and supply of salt, and for this reason, the demand for buying all kinds of salt in our country is high.

Iran industrial salt

What is industrial salt?

As mentioned, industrial salt is a salt that has a lower purity and quality than edible salt. In order not to harm the kidneys, the consumption of edible salts must have a high degree of purity and be completely refined. But this issue is not needed to use industrial salt. Industrial salts are one of the main components of many industries. Many industries that you may not even imagine need to buy industrial salt. Among the industries that need industrial salt:

  • Refineries
  • Cosmetics manufacturers
  • Fisheries
  • oil and Petrochemical
  • chemical industry
  • Pharmacology
  • Livestock industry
  • diary
  • Paper industry
  • leather manufacturing
  • Pickling
  • And ….

Iran industrial salt

What is sugar salt?

There are different types of industrial salt, of which sugar salt is one of its subgroups. Sugar salt is also called granular salt and drilling salt, and it is known by this name because of its resemblance to small grains of sugar.

t is necessary to explain that sugar salt is a bit coarser than regular sugar

Sugar salt has the highest demand for buying industrial salt. In fact, sugar salt is the most widely used in various industries. One of its most important uses can be seen in the salting of meats and protein products or in the process of producing various dairy products.

Iran industrial salt

Buy Iran industrial salt

Considering the applications that were mentioned in various industries, it is certainly not far from the mind why the demand for buying industrial salt is high. But it is not recommended to buy this salt from any collection. Because the quality of industrial salt affects the performance of the final product of various industries.

Iran Industrial salt manufacturer

Therefore, it is important that you prepare your industrial salt with what quality. Also, since these salts are prepared in high tonnage, if the quality is not high and the purchase cost is high, you will surely suffer.

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