exporting rock salt

Supplying and exporting rock salt to India and Oman, Rock salt mines in Iran, Salt manufacturers in Iran, Orange rock salt, pink rock salt.

Supply and export of rock salt to India and Oman, orange, white and red rock salt, packed in jumbo bags, monthly supply of 5 thousand tons of white rock salt, 1500 tons of orange rock salt, call to place an order.

History of salt in Iran

The age of salt in Iran is about 6000 years BC. It means that rock salt was used in Iran during the time of the Aryans. In ancient times, salt was used to keep food healthy, and over time the uses of salt increased.

By realizing the value of salt, the trade of these materials increased and became one of the main items of trade.

exporting rock salt

Properties of Garmsar salt

Garmsar salt has properties like other existing salts. Among these properties, we can mention a rich source of minerals. This rock salt is rich in nutrients for the body. Rock salt is extracted from the mountains and is rich in calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron.

Garmsar salt is extracted in different colors and each of these colors has different properties. For example, among the properties of Garmsar pink salt, we can mention exfoliation, bone strength, nutritional mode, improving digestive system function, etc.

Many people use this salt to cure their illness. Today, natural salts are used in many medicines and they are also effective in treating diseases.

If you intend to buy rock salt to treat your disease, it is better to order from the provinces that produce salt. Because these provinces are producers and their salt is of higher quality.

exporting rock salt

Export of rock salt to India

Iran is one of the largest exporters of salt in the world. Iran mentioned many countries including Russia, India, Georgia and Iraq. India is one of the largest countries in the world. This country has a large population. The food of this country is full of flavor, one of which is salt. There is a salt mine in this country, but it is of very poor quality. Iran’s rock salt is much better compared to Indian salt, that’s why it supplies its salt through Iran.

India is the largest importer of salt in the world. This country buys a lot of salt from Iran every year.

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Iran rock salt manufacturer

exporting rock salt

There are many companies in Iran that export their salt to other countries. Since Iran’s salt is high quality, it has many fans. Exported salt to India is sent by ship.

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