Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt wholesale market, supply white rock salt to Iraq, Turkey, armenia, Georgia in bulk and in jumbi bag or 50 kg bag.

Wholesale market of Semnan rock salt, Semnan blue salt, pink salt, Semnan white rock salt, blue salt monthly supply capacity of 5 tons, in 25 kg packages, providing the necessary licenses for product export, analysis sheet.

Semnan salt rock is one of the most famous and best salt rocks in Iran. Semnan province is one of the desert provinces of Iran, which is located next to the desert plain of Iran. The proximity of this province to this plain has caused the richest and best salt mines of Iran to exist in this province. Garmsar city of Semnan province has salt mines, some of whose products are unmatched all over the world. Among them, we can mention blue salt. In the rest of this text, we will introduce you to different types of Semnan salt, including Semnan blue salt.

Getting to know Semnan blue rock salt

Semnan rock salt is extracted in different types. One of the most famous salt stones in Semnan is the blue salt stone. In fact, due to the presence of large amounts of potassium in this salt, its color is blue. In addition to being a seasoning for food, this rock salt has healing properties. In general, the use of this rock salt in food creates a special and hearty taste. In terms of therapeutic properties, it is useful for lowering blood pressure, improving heart function, digestion, reducing stress and sleeping comfortably. Blue rock salt is sold in two forms: powder and crystal.

Iran rock salt

Identifying the original rock salt

Semnan salt in all types has a high reputation. This is the reason why sometimes other stones are sold under the name of Semnan salt or salt in general. There are solutions to distinguish original rock salt from fake samples. The most important of them are:

  • Rock salt is the essence of salt.
  • The original rock salt is found in crystalline form and with usually large pieces.
  • Natural and original salt will melt if placed in wet places or on the ground.
  • Rock salt will be slightly sticky to the touch.

Iran rock salt

Where to buy Iran rock salt?

Semnan salt rock is used for various food items. To buy the best edible rock salt, it is recommended to go to Halito salt rock specialized center. This specialized center has access to the largest salt rock mine in the Middle East, which is in Semnan province. The salt of this mine is the richest and healthiest salt in Iran.

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Iran Rock Salt

Iran rock salt

Halito Group also operates under the name of Hosseini Group. This complex generally extracts and processes export quality salt. For this reason, it exports to various countries including India, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. You can contact Halito Collection from all over the country to buy the best edible rock salt.

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