iran white rock salt

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Ingredients of white rock salt

There are different types of white rock salt. Common people know salt as white poison. This type of salt has properties and disadvantages. The main ingredients of salt are sodium and chlorine. But there are other substances such as iodine, carbon, uranium, etc. in white rock salt.

The lack of iodine in the human body has caused the use of this type of salt to increase. But it should be noted that high salt consumption causes high blood pressure, which is dangerous for the human body. White rock salt, like other colors of salt, has many properties. Today, this type of salt is used in all industries and places.

iran white rock salt

Iran white rock salt for export

Iran, especially Garmsar, is one of the main exporters of salt in the world. Garmsar exports salt to many countries including Georgia, India, Russia and Iraq. India has the highest demand for salt. India is one of the largest countries in the world. This country has a high population. The flavorings of this country’s food are spices, the main of which is salt. There are salt mines in this country, but they are of poor quality. Iranian salt is much better compared to Indian salt, that’s why it supplies its salt through Iran.

Every year, a lot of white rock salt is exported from Garmsar to the countries above, and the demand for this salt increases every year.

iran white rock salt

Purchase edible rock salt

Buying rock salt depends on its consumption. For example, industries need this type of stone much more than livestock farms. The higher the consumption, the more salt is needed. But if it is for home use, a large amount is not needed.

iran rock salt supplier

iran white rock salt

Since Garmsar is the capital of salt in Iran, its quality is higher and the price is lower than other cities. In the city of Garmsar, there are centers and offices that buy and sell edible rock salt. There are two ways to buy this stone, in person and online. If you intend to buy this stone in bulk, you can solve your need by using one of the two mentioned methods. There are different types of rock salt, each of which is for a specific use and has its own properties.

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