industrial salt

Iran Industrial salt factory without purification 98% purity, supply and export to Iraq, afghanistan, Armenia and Georgia.

Buy unfiltered industrial salt with 98% purity, granulated industrial salt, size .3 mil to .6 mil, small oysters, coarse grain salt size 3 to 5 mil, 25 and 40 kg packaging.

Application of salt in industry

Salt is one of the most common minerals on the planet, which consists of sodium chloride. In today’s world, salts play a colorful role in our lives. So that nowadays edible salt and other types of salt are used for various purposes. Salts that have a higher degree of purity are used in the food industry. If the table salt is less pure, it may cause people to suffer from diseases such as kidney stones.

Salts with a lower degree of purity, which are called industrial salt, are used in industrial cases. Another difference between industrial salt and table salt is that industrial salt is not refined and does not contain iodine. Industrial salts in water and wastewater treatment, as well as for the production of various sanitary materials and detergent are used.

industrial salt

What is coarse salt?

Coarse grain salt is salt that is not refined and has larger grains than refined salt. Doctors have always talked about the benefits of coarse salt for the body. The use of coarse grain salt improves the functioning of the digestive system and the elimination of body fat. Also, due to the presence of high potassium and calcium, grain salt

Coarse is effective in reducing blood pressure and prevents osteoporosis. In addition to the benefits of eating coarse grain salt for the body,

The use of this type of salt is also recommended for the skin. so that it cleans and exfoliates and thus brightens the skin.

 industrial salt

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To extract industrial salt, there are various methods such as vacuum method, step method, hydraulic method, evaporation method and tunnel method. There are different types of industrial salts such as fishing salt, pea salt, oyster salt, road salt, sugar salt and powdered salt. The most widely used type of industrial salt is sugar salt, which is used in salting meat, producing Liqvan cheese, and drilling mud.

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industrial salt

Powdered salt has small grains. Powdered salt is used in refining, recycling, acid production and also in poultry farms. Oyster salt has a shiny appearance and is very similar to table salt. This type of industrial salt is used for tanning, refining industry and dairy industry. Fishery salt is the coarsest type of salt that is used in tanning, leather making, cheese making, fisheries and disinfection industries.

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