Supply rock salt from iran

Supply rock salt from iran Orange & Red, export rock salt to india and china, delivery at Mundra port and shanghai port.

Introducing red rock salt

Salt rock is available in a variety of colors, from pure white to pink, orange, red and blue, and sometimes a mixture of these colors can also be found in rock salt mines.

All the colors of rock salt are rich in minerals and have a positive effect on human health. When they make lights from these crystals, they make salt bricks or consume them to eat. Each of them in turn gives its benefits to the human body in .

Injection, or the presence of iron in rock salt crystals in combination with eighty other minerals, can cause such color variation, and the higher the amount of iron in the crystal, the more likely it is that red, orange, and pink will appear.

Pure white and orange salt do not differ in their healing properties, and both can release negative ions as a result of heating, thus purifying the surrounding air.

Black rock salt has a complex mineral composition with a high sulfur content and a very strong and strong taste that is more to the taste of Indians.

Supply rock salt from iran

Buy Orange rock Salt

Orange rock salt can also be used for human and animal consumption, while it can also be used to make a variety of lampshades, bedside lamps and salt rooms.

The Halito Collection annually extracts large quantities of high quality orange rock salt from Garmsar mines and supplies it to the domestic and foreign markets.

Supply rock salt from iran

Blue rock salt export market

Blue rock salt is known as the blue gemstone in the world and is one of the rare rock salt rocks that Halito rock salt group has always been the largest supplier of this rock salt in Iran.

The export market for blue rock salt is mostly leading to Western European countries, because due to the high cost of this very valuable mineral, the general popularity of buying this product is very low and it is one of the products that has special customers.

It is interesting to know that the effect of blue salt rock has been proven for the following:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Heart rate adjustment
  • Reducing stress
  • Eliminates depression

The blue color of this rock salt is also related to the high amount of potassium in it.

You can get this salt rock from the Halito collection to improve the taste and aroma of the food as well as provide the essential potassium element for the body.

Supply rock salt from iran

Buy pink rock salt

Pink rock salt is found in Iran and Pakistan, and these two countries are always the largest suppliers of this product.

Himalayan pink salt is mostly imported as a traveler and if it is available, it has a very high price and almost all pink salts available in the Iranian market are the same pink salt of Garmsar that is sold under the name of Himalaya.

To buy pink salt in bulk, contact Halito Salt Stone Collection.

Supply rock salt from iran

Briefly, you got acquainted with the most famous salt stones exported by Halito, and if you also have customers who ask you for salt in the field of export, Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, which can easily prepare your order and send it to you. Sends destination.

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Supply and export Iran rock salt

Supply rock salt from iran

As the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, our collection has the capacity to load 5,000 tons of rock salt in the form of Jambo Bag packaging per month, which is unique in all of Iran in this regard.

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