wholesale Iran rock salt

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Introducing Iran Rock salt

The city of Garmsar in Iran, due to its geographical location and geological location, has a series of intertwined mountain ranges that are located in the heart of these vast salt mines.

Most of the salt rock in Garmsar is white, with over two types of white salt extracted from the mines of the city, each of which has its own application.

Most of the Garmsar salt mines are open type and are blasted from the bottom of the salt rock but there are also tunneling mines that have to be blasted from the walls.

wholesale Iran rock salt

Iran Rock salt for cut

Rock salt for cutting is one of the most exceptional types of salt in the world that is extracted in Iran and is very scarce because it has high resistance to drilling and is suitable for salt cutting workshops.

Many Iranian artists buy specialty rock salts to cut into their desired shapes and sizes, so some salt stones are broken in different dimensions without polishing or molding. Gets data.

Artists with their own hand cut salt stones in different formats and generally choose original Iranian designs for cutting.

Rock salts for cutting stylish decorative items, lampshades and sleeping lights are produced with salt, ginger, etc. So Garmsar salt is welcomed by artists and masonryers because of its beauty and high purity.

wholesale Iran rock salt

Salt lamp export center

As mentioned earlier, Garmsar’s rock salt has made it more transparent and white due to its beauty, special colors and high purity, and has been welcomed by buyers of rock salt.

Therefore, a significant portion of the salt extracted from tropical salt mines is used for cutting and making decorative items.

Decorative salt has become one of the first handicrafts in the country, and many tourists welcome decorative salts, so access to these valuable crafts is easy with the sale of halite halite ornamental salts. Available in different shapes and sizes and in different colors and types.

wholesale Iran rock salt

wholesale Iran rock salt

The rock salts of the Halito complex are therapeutic and have a purity higher than 99%.
These salts have many wonderful therapeutic properties, including:

  • Helps digestion and is prescribed for gastrointestinal disorders. This salt improves appetite, relieves constipation and relieves heartburn.
  • Cellular uptake facilitates minerals Salt plays an important role in replenishing the body’s electrolytes and maintaining pH balance and eliminates toxic minerals and refined salts by stimulating blood circulation and mineral balance.

wholesale Iran rock salt

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