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The therapeutic effects of rock salt

Salt is a natural material that God has placed in nature and man has been aware of the advantages of this mineral for thousands of years.

Since Greek medicine discovered that salt miners had less respiratory problems than others, the attention to this natural substance had increased more and more.

A hundred years ago, and especially during the last 50 years of research, it has been found that exposure of salt rock to sunlight or a source that illuminates salt rock releases the properties of salt rock, which is what makes the preparation industry. And the decorative rock salt has been made in various forms.

Using raw salt and decorative salt at home is one of the great ways to improve the quality of air in your home or office and can relieve respiratory ailments such as asthma, eczema and other skin diseases, sleep disorders, stress, depression And other mood disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, lethargy, fatigue, congestion, irregular heartbeat, and weakened immune systems.

Most importantly, for ease of use and ease of access, these salts are cut in beautiful shapes and made available to everyone.

Salt ore is heavily loaded from the mine, so it is not possible to retail and retail these products, so these salts need to be cut and prepared beautifully and thus be more practical.

Buy salt lamp

Production of rock salt lamp

In order to take advantage of the benefits of rock salt on health around the world, various work is done on raw salt rock to become an ornamental rock salt.

Small pieces of salt rock have beautiful crystals inside the market that you can add to these tubs while bathing in salt.

At the Halito Salt Production Center we produce and supply a variety of different types of salt, including grill or cooking salt, which is a great experience for those looking for a healthy diet.

Plate salts are particularly good for baking seafood and because of the thin skin of the sea creatures, they are easily cooked on cooked salt.

Buy salt lamp

Buy salt lamp

After the salt rock is extracted from the salt mines, rock salts are extracted, and these salt rock fragments are not left unattended in the home and office, but when the salt is cut Being a candle or lamp as a source of light and heat, both the stone looks prettier and the light source helps dissipate negative ions from the salt rock to the surrounding environment so the crushed salt rock has a higher potential for ambient air purification. Is more effective and improves the mood of people.

Buy salt lamp

The most beautiful therapeutic salts in the world are produced in Halito Group and you can purchase your order in bulk.

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