pink salt in Iran

Manufacturer of pink salt in Iran coarse grain and fine grain, export of pink salt and pink rock salt to India, Turkey and Iraq, Kandla port, Mundra port.

Manufacturer of Garmsar pink salt, coarse grain, fine grain and powder, delivery in 25 kg bags, the largest factory producing pink salt and granulated orange salt in Garmsar, Semnan, Iran, different sizes have no effect on the price and the prices are the same.

In the world, there are few colored salt mines, of which Iran pink salt is one of them. Currently, Pakistan is the largest exporter of pink salt in the world. But in recent years, Garmsar pink salt has been able to compete with Himalayan pink salt by entering international markets.

Pink salt is considered a valuable product due to its beauty, healing properties and especially its rarity. Garmsar pink salt is popular in neighboring Arab countries, India, Turkey and some European countries. These countries use Garmsar pink salt in decorating tourist places such as salt hotels and salt baths.

pink salt in Iran

The difference between Garmsar and Himalayan pink salt

Pink Himalayan salt is extracted from the Himalayan mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan, and for this reason, all the pink, red and orange salts in the world are called Himalayan salt. At the same time, pink salt is also extracted from Garmsar salt mines. According to researchers, Himalayan pink salt produced in Pakistan has 84 types of minerals. But Iran pink salt has less than this amount of minerals. On the other hand, Himalayan pink salt is more expensive than Garmsar pink salt due to its international reputation. However, pink salt in Iran has been able to compete with Himalayan salt in recent years.

pink salt in Iran

Properties of Garmsar pink salt

Garmsar pink salt is one of the highest quality pink salts found in the world. pink salt in Iran contains the mineral iron, and the pink color of this salt comes from the presence of iron in it. In addition to iron, Garmsar pink salt contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. Due to the presence of minerals, this salt prevents anemia, digestive problems, depression, hair loss, etc. Garmsar pink salt contains 98% of sodium chloride and has a hot and dry taste. This salt has zero calories.

pink salt in Iran

Manufacturer of pink salt in Iran

Garmsar city is currently the largest producer of pink salt in Iran. Garmsar pink salt is more popular in the markets outside Iran due to the lack of advertising and the unfamiliarity of the people inside the country. Garmsar salt is of interest to foreign countries due to its good quality and cheaper price than Himalayan pink salt, and for this reason, Garmsar salt has earned good currency for Iran in recent years.

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Finally, it should be said that Garmsar’s pink salt is considered a God-given gift for our country. Due to the presence of minerals on one hand and its special and impressive beauty on the other hand, this salt can be used in feeding and decorating the living area.

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