Iran orange salt

Manufacturer of Iran orange salt in different sizes, pink salt and orange salt .3 to .6 mm, 1 to 2.5 mm, export of orange salt and orange rock salt to India, Turkey and Iraq.

Major producer of orange salt with different granulations, orange salt mine, purchase of orange salt rock, supply and production of orange salt for export, 850 tons per month in 25 kg bags.

Manufacturer of Iran orange salt

Maybe for many of you readers of this article, hearing the name of orange salt is a bit strange; And even if it is the first time you hear its name. If you are interested in knowing what this salt is and what its uses are, don’t miss reading this article.

Orange salt consists of two elements sodium and chlorine; which is formed by the crystallization of these two salt elements. The city of Garmsar Semnan can be considered the cradle of this type of salt production; Iran is not a producer and exporter of this type of salt, and India also has a strong hand in producing and exporting orange salt to the world.

This type of salt has unique properties that have made many people use it. The more colorful the salt, the more properties it has. Among the properties of orange salt, it is possible to mention the elimination of anemia, reducing stress, reducing infection in the body, etc.

Iran orange salt

The difference between orange and pink salt

Before trying to explain the differences between these two salts; We need to explain about pink salt. Unlike orange salts, this type of salt does not exist in Iran and its origin is the Himalayan mountains. Because of this, this salt is also known as Himalayan salt. These two types of salt can be considered the purest refined salts. Like its orange cousin, pink salt has countless properties; One of the most important of which can be mentioned is the treatment of various diseases.

Orange salt and pink salt are not very different from each other and the most important difference can be seen in their color; In addition, you have the possibility to use pink salt in your baths by soaking it; If this is not possible for orange salt. With these interpretations, both salts are one of the best options to replace white salt on the table.

Iran orange salt

Exporter of orange salt in 25 kg bags

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the exporter of this type of salt is Iran and Pakistan. In the country of Iran, however, Garmsar Semnan can be considered the pole of production of this type of salt.

Iran orange salt

Orange salts are usually exported abroad in 1 ton bags; In addition, they are available in the market in different weights so that fans of this type of salt can use it.

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