pink rock salt

Local supplier of pink rock salt from Iran, red rock salt, orange rock salt, possible to deliver goods in rock or granul, packing jumbo bag and 25 kg bag.

Exporter of Iran’s pink rock salt, the best producer of Iran’s pink salt with 40 kg packaging, red, pink and orange rock salt packed in jumbo bags of one ton, delivery to the factory door or FOB Bandar Abbas at the customer’s choice.

Properties of Iranian pink rock salt

One of divine and natural blessings and miracles is Iran’s pink salt rock. Looking at this rock salt pulls the human soul to the depths of the earth. Pink rock salt is not just a simple rock. This amazing product is made by the hands of nature in the depths of Iran’s salt mines. The properties of pink rock salt extracted from Iran’s mines have attracted many people. This stone is used to make salt room, construction and decorative buildings in the house, lampshades, bedroom lights, etc. Some of the properties of this rock salt are as follows:

  • Help regulate air humidity
  • Relaxing
  • Negative signal repeller
  • Ambient air purification by minerals
  • Has natural beauty
  • Help treat asthma
  • Improves sleep quality

pink rock salt

Garmsar pink salt production

As mentioned, Iran’s pink salt rock has many fans. This product is special because it cannot be found anywhere. In recent years, the extraction and production of Garmsar pink salt has increased. Garmsar is a rich source of pink salt and rock salt. The salt extracted from Garmsar mines are the most original products of the earth. Garmsar Salt Factory extracts these blessings of nature with the same original quality and minerals by using the best equipment and expert forces. If you want to benefit from the positive benefits of Iranian pink rock salt, you must get the original sample of this product. So what better place than the main producer, Garmsar pink salt factory?

pink rock salt

Export of pink salt to India

Iran’s pink rock salt is a well-known product in the world. This product has a prosperous export and many countries want it. It is interesting to know that the export of pink salt and its rock grows every year and attracts more customers. India is one of the best customers of pink salt. Exporting pink salt to India is a double-win game for Iranian and Indian businessmen. Since Garmsar pink salt is a unique product and has no similar in the world, its sales market is completely exclusive. You can have your own market by entering the world of exporting pink salt.

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pink rock salt

The growth in the demand rate of this product, especially in India, and the increase in its customers, has provided the basis for more profit. but this is not the whole story. If you buy pink salt directly from the original factory, your profit will be many times. Factory wholesale price is very reasonable.

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