Irani salt

Bulk purchase of Irani salt directly from the factory, Iran rock salt, refined iodine salt, packing in 20 kg bag, unrefined salt in cheap price.

Bulk purchase of Semnan salt directly from the factory, sale of Semnan blue salt, producer of pink salt, coarse granulation, fine granulation and powdered, in 25 kg bags.

Usage of Irani salt

The uses of Semnan rock salt are determined according to its purity percentage. Therefore, according to the nature of rock salt, it can be determined in which area it will be used. For example, rock salt with a purity of 99.5% cannot be used for decorative rock salt. This is because, contrary to its purity and quality, it does not have the ability to withstand the drill and easily turns into powder.

Irani salt, which is called white salt rock, has many uses, which include:

  • Production of salt bricks
  • Use it as animal feed
  • It is used in water purification and hardening
  • Decorative rock salt products 
  • Industrial salt products
  • Salt brick products
  • Edible rock salt products

Irani salt

Export of pink salt from Semnan

There are different types of Semnan salt, one of the most characteristic of which is pink salt. Iran’s pink salt is found only in Semnan and after extraction, it is exported to other countries. Semnan salt is considered one of the best and highest quality salts and rock salts, which has healing properties.

The main rock mine is pink salt in the Himalayan mountain range, which is also called Himalayan salt. But it can also be found in Iran’s salt mines, including Semnan and Garmsar. This salt has many healing properties, that’s why many countries import this salt from Iran.

Irani salt

Manufacturer of refined edible salt

Our country, Iran, is one of the active countries in the field of salt and rock salt production in the world due to its large salt resources. Annually, large amounts of refined salt or rock salt are exported to European countries. For this reason, many factories are active in this field.

Semnan and Irani salt factories are among the largest salt production and processing centers in Iran, which have high quality products. These factories are also active in the field of exporting these products in the world and earn a high income every year in this way.

Irani salt

Edible salt manufacturers produce all kinds of sea salt, industrial salt and mineral salt with high quality. These factories are generally built near mines or salt lakes for ease of transportation. Halito rock salt company has the ability to produce and supply 1500 tons of edible salt per month in 20 and 25 kg packages.

Delivery of orders in Jambug bags and on pallets is another service of our collection.

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