rock salt factory

Iran rock salt production factory, Supply, packaging and export of various types of rock salt and salt bricks to India, russia, Iraq, georgia.

Garmsar salt rock factory, production and packaging of pink, orange and white rock salt, the largest supplier of crystal and blue rock salt for export.

Garmsar Salt Factory, as the largest supplier of rock salt, has been able to market this product for various applications by using industrial devices. Salt rocks of this region are exported to different countries due to their high purity. What do you know about how to use and maintain rock salt?

rock salt factory

Iran rock salt company

Rock salt as a natural sodium chloride has food and decorative uses. Mines of this type of stone are found in different parts of the country, but one of the largest is the Garmsar salt mine. There are 27 mines in this area where thousands of tons of 98% pure rock salt are extracted every year.
In traditional medicine, the use of rock salt has been common to treat many diseases. Today, the processed version of this product is often used for food. According to statistics, about 80% of the rocks extracted from the Garmsar mines are also used for food, and only a small part of it is used as a dumpster to eliminate the frozen roads in winter.
Undoubtedly, the preservation of rock salt is very important in maintaining its original quality. One of the important things is to prevent moisture from reaching these stones. Salts lose their tissue moisture when exposed and melt easily. Salt rocks also show a chemical reaction against uranium and carbon and turn black. Therefore, providing suitable environmental conditions for storage and maintenance of salt rocks will be very important in maintaining their quality.

rock salt factory

The best rock salt factory

The amount of extraction and processing of salt rock in Garmsar factory is more than the needs of the domestic market, therefore, a significant amount of it is exported to other countries every year. As mentioned, the use of salt rock often has medicinal and therapeutic aspects. Some of the most important treatment effects of this natural mineral are:

  • Effective in treating lung diseases, asthma and cough
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and depression by having rock salt in the house
  • Effective for treating joint diseases and eliminating bruises on the body
  • Suitable for people with very low iodine levels.

rock salt factory

Today, the supply and sale of the best salt rock extracted from Garmsar mines is done not only by traditional methods but also online and online. Pure salt processing and production companies to register this product cheaply can register all their major orders in absentia and at the lowest possible price in this center.

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