rock salt factory

Iran rock salt factory supply and export all type of rock salt to India and russia, biggest manufacturer of rock salt in Iran.

Garmsar salt rock production factory is a manufacturer and supplier of various types of export rock salts and rare rock salts, pink rock salt and crystal rock salt, respectively, including export and rare rock salts.

Garmsar salt rock factory is one of the largest salt rock production factories in the country, which has extracted the best and highest quality pure and natural salt rock. This product has a high quality and its high efficiency has caused a lot of consumers.

rock salt factory

Production of colored rock salt

Rock salt is a valuable mineral called sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is natural. If this rock salt is pure, its color is white and bright. If it has impurities, it turns into different colors and can even be seen in black.

The taste of this salt is very salty and has a bright color and has caused it to be in the category of minerals.

Different types of rock salt have many properties and different uses, for example, we can mention its use for beauty.

Today, some people have started to make these beautiful stones from the heart of the mountain and put a candle in it and use this stone to beautify the environment around their house.

Because this stone has cleansing properties, so its placement in the home environment can clean the home space.

Due to its different colors due to impurities, rock salt has been able to have a very beautiful visual effect and make the environment more beautiful by placing it in the home space.

Using rock salt as a salt lamp can emit light as well as its properties.

When these salt crystals are heated, they absorb moisture and have healing properties that can have positive effects on the skin.

Children with sedentary problems can easily have their problems resolved after salt crystals have been placed around them.

rock salt factory

Biggest rock salt factory

Garmsar Natural Salt Production Company has succeeded in extracting the best and highest quality rock salt in various methods.

These rock salts are of extremely high quality, are natural and have many applications, and have been able to attract many consumers in different volumes to consume this product.

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The largest rock salt production center in Iran

rock salt factory

Rock salt is a functional product that has many applications in various industries and uses and is known as a valuable mineral.

It is possible to deliver rock salt products in destination countries and very rare rock salts can be easily supplied and exported by this group.

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