persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp market, biggest factory of persian salt lamp in Iran, very unique models.

Market for selling decorative rock salt, illuminated salt rock with a mirror, salt rock cut in geometric designs of sphere, cubic (cube) and pyramid, all kinds of cheap rock salt without lights.

Decorative rock salt is one of the elements used in the interior of buildings and in the manufacture of decorative products. The modern production method of this product has caused various samples to be offered and sold in the market. What factors are required to buy the best type of these stones?

persian salt lamp

How to produce decorative rock salt

Decorative rock salt as a popular product has a special place in home decoration today. They are used to make lampshades, sculptures, candles, vases, etc. The presence of crystalline grains of salt in different colors and its soothing properties has caused the order to buy this product to increase in recent years. This type of rock is extracted naturally from mines. Of course, today, using wood glue, industrial paints and some chemicals, they also produce industrial and artificial samples of rock salt. Some models are completely raw and unprocessed, which are usually cheaper. In contrast, different types of patterned and cut rock stones have a higher price and rate. Some of the most popular types of decorative salt stones available in the market are:

  • Cubic rock salt: Also known as cubic rocks. In performing feng shui and meditation, this model of stones is used a lot.
  • Pyramidal rock salt: Suitable for use as a lampshade and placed on a table or by the fireplace. If you suffer from depression, we suggest you have several models of pyramid or cube salt decorative stones.
  • Vase base rock salt: The best choice for reception halls and placing earthenware vases on them. It is easily possible to show more beautiful decoration with this stone model.

persian salt lamp

Guide to buying decorative rock salt

To buy decorative crystal rock salt, it is very important to know its organic and natural characteristics. These types of stones have a shiny and transparent appearance and reflect light well. They are available in different colors, but the simple white color has a higher price.

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Therefore, if the rock salt has a dull color and texture that is too uneven, avoid buying it. To be.

persian salt lamp

Online and internet supply allows bulk ordering with the lowest prices and direct communication with the supplier. Buyers can also continuously get complete and comprehensive information on current prices and brands.

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