Iran rock salt Production

Iran rock salt Production center, supply and export orange,red and white rock salt, blue rock salt most rare in the world.

Today, rock salt mines are of great value. This product is widely used in everyday life. Garmsar salt rock is of high quality and has good polishing ability so that it can be turned into decorative items. These stones are in large pieces and turn into smaller pieces for consumption. These specimens are shiny and shiny, and their salinity is moderate. They can be consumed in different foods and are packaged in a completely hygienic way and are available to customers. They are mostly white and milky in color, with white specimens being mostly used orally.

Iran rock salt Production

Types of rock salt in Iran

Among the types of tropical rock salt, we can mention white and milky colors and its small, medium and large size. The variety of these products has made some decorative and some just edible. These models are very shiny and beautiful and can implement beautiful designs on it.

Some stones have geometric shapes, so they are used for decoration. The hardness of these rocks varies and some are hard to break. Some samples are very soft and easily powdered.

This high diversity has made the customer have a wide range of choices and can make purchases according to their needs and consumption. The salts used for food are refined and do not harm the consumer.

Iran rock salt Production

Iran rock salt Production

Salt producers produce these products in different models to attract regular customers. These stones are cut into various shapes after being mined. Some have geometric shapes and others have more subtle work on them, which also has a decorative aspect.

Some models have a high degree of hardness and are very resistant to weather fluctuations, in which case you can use it in different environments. In today’s homes, decorative salt stones are widely used.

To produce these models, a lot of equipment is used so that the work can be done more accurately and delicately. Some models have color designs that double the beauty of the work. This has made rock salt popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Iran rock salt Production

Supply rock salt to India

India is one of the largest buyers of rock salt in the world due to its vastness and high demand for rock salt, and along with China, they have the largest purchase of rock salt.

Iran rock salt Production

Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran with a supply and export of more than 3,000 tons of rock salt per month.

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