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rock salt formula is composed of two elements, chlorine and sodium, and when formed in crystalline form, it forms a rock salt. In many experiments, researchers have found that glowing salt crystals are known to be one of the sources of ion production, that is, the positively and negatively charged particles. Interestingly, if the sun shines on these stones, it will create natural energy in these stones. Putting rock salt in the house can be very useful for relieving the pressure and stress that exists in modern life. you can also use rock salt for cooking.

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As mentioned earlier, one of the main features of rock salt is to help purify the air, thus helping to improve the health and well-being of the lungs and respiratory diseases. It also plays an important role in reducing allergies, improving the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. Huge studies have been done on ions on the surface of rock salt, proving that it can increase the activity of lashes. Eyelashes are tiny hairs in the cells lining the airways. If positive ions have the opposite effect. Negative ions focus more on cleaning and absorb contaminants, and actually do the job of a filter. This makes the lungs healthier. By absorbing cigarette smoke and eliminating odors, various ions have significantly reduced the risk of asthma and allergies.

Other properties of rock salt in the home include the absorption of pollutants and negative energies from the environment and the replacement of positive waves, strong feelings and energy in the environment due to the increase in the number of negative ions in the environment. Usually, positive ions, when combined with lead, reduce blood flow and lower oxygen levels, which can lead to irregular sleep patterns. Therefore, rock salt improves the sleep state by reducing the positive ions in the space.

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Salt rock is the primary and natural form of salt in nature, which is used to produce a variety of industrial salts, powdered salt and oyster salt, as well as to produce refined crystallized salt.

wholesale Rock salt

Today, rock salt also has decorative uses and is used to make some handicrafts. However, buying bulk rock salt for personal use or producing all kinds of edible salt or producing decorative salt rock mass buying from salt rock mines is one of the best solutions. If you have a kitchen or restaurant, you definitely need rock salt to cook rice. Edible rock salt is sold in most Iranian cities in wholesale centers for food products and rice.

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