Export rock salt

Export rock salt with Jumbo Bag packaging to India from Iran, Orange rock salt, red rock salt, powder salt.

Iran export rock salt

Iran’s exported rock salt is one of the best rock salts in the Middle East, which is used in various industrial, food and decorative fields in each country.

As a rule, in addition to proper packaging, the appropriate rock salt for export must have the minimum that the purity of the rock salt as well as the color of the rock salt is one of the first things that will always be raised by the buyer.

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Garmsar salt tunnels and caves are considered one of the most important salt mines in southwest Asia.

Of course, in different mines, low-quality rock salt is also found, which is mostly consumed domestically.

Export rock salt

Garmsar Salt Factory

Due to its high-quality salt mines, Garmsar has several salt factories that have been able to capture most of Iran’s domestic and export markets.

Garmsar Salt Factory, as the largest unit for the production and packaging of exported salt rock, meets a large part of the needs of various industries operating in the country.

Export rock salt

Export industrial salt

The use of rock salt in light and heavy industries has increased the demand for this product, and even some industrialized countries in Asia are buying part of their industry’s need for salt from Iran.

The largest volume of industrial salt exports is road salt, or salt for spraying and antifreeze, and is always at the forefront of industrial salt exports.

Export rock salt

Export industrial industrial rock salt

Export industrial industrial rock salt is always categorized according to the application and according to the buyers’ opinion, and their minimum purity should be 97%.

The most important needs of export buyers are usually for:

  • Cut rock salt
  • Water hardening and purification
  • Edible use

It is said that the use of rock salt in the domestic market is more for salt mining and industrial use, but abroad, rock salt is also used for food, in which the laws of the countries are different.

Another industry that directly consumes industrial salt is the tanning industry and the production of natural leather, and in this field of production, all kinds of natural and industrial salt are used to remove contaminants and fats from the animal’s skin.

Exported rock salt is used in the production of various chemicals, sanitary detergents, oil drilling and refineries, fisheries and aquaculture centers, and in boilers and boilers. However, in the field of cosmetics production, the largest volume of exports goes back to crystalline rock salt.

Export rock salt

Countries buying Iranian rock salt

In terms of quality and price, Iran’s exported salt rock is one of the best examples of rock salt in the Middle East. Iran’s most important buyers of rock salt are primarily neighboring countries, including Iraq and Turkey.

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Export rock salt

Industrial salt rock is mostly used in the two countries for the livestock industry and the production of livestock and poultry feed.

Also, in recent years, Russia and some other Caspian littoral states have begun importing high-quality Iranian rock salt.

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