Buy blue salt

Buy blue salt from Iran mine, crystal blue rock salt, export to all over the world minimum order is 500 kg.

“Blue rock salt” is one of the rarest salt rocks in the world. Due to its completely different colors and distinctive properties, it is more expensive than other stones. The purchase of blue salt rock from the manufacturer of salt crystals is done by measuring important factors. The natural color of salt crystals and the degree of transparency are important in identifying and purchasing this rare rock salt.

Buy blue salt

Benefits of blue rock salt?

In addition to the very beautiful and distinctive color of the blue salt rock compared to other salt rocks, the healing and edible properties of this special salt have attracted many fans. The presence of large amounts of potassium “mineral” in this rock salt has caused its blue color. Potassium is a very important and essential element for our body. Strengthening cell growth, controlling blood pressure and strengthening the walls of blood vessels in the body are the results of the presence of potassium in the body. The presence of potassium in blue rock salt is one of the distinguishing properties of this salt. This rock salt is used as a food seasoning after crushing. European countries use this rock salt in restaurants and kitchens, so this special salt is very popular in these countries. The blue salt rock crystal turns white after crushing, which indicates that the salt rock color is natural. Blue rock salt is also used to beautify and repel the negative energies of the environment.

Buy blue salt

Buy blue salt in bulk

Due to its special and unique features, blue salt stone is traded at a very high price in the market. The price of rock salt, after extraction from the mines, is determined by the color, type of crystal and minerals it contains. Salt rocks have different colors depending on the amount and type of minerals they contain. Most of the salt rocks extracted from the mines are white, red, pink, and black. The blue color in salt crystals is a rare and very special color.

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Buy blue salt

The price of blue salt rock for every 1 kg is “300,000 Tomans”. This price is less calculated when buyers buy bulk and more salt. Major buyers of blue salt stone pay “230,000 Tomans” for every 1 kg. The properties of the blue rock salt and its distinctive color have made the salt market very prosperous. Currently, the best blue rock salt can be found in the mines of Semnan province.

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