Rock salt for cattle feed

Export Iran rock salt in jumbo bag, white rock salt, blue rock salt, orange rock salt, pink rock salt, powder industrial salt.

What is exported rock salt?

Rock salt is an export term that refers to salts that are in a better quality than their counterparts and are shipped with special packaging.

Having special packaging for shipping and, on the other hand, picking up rock salt, makes the price of the product go beyond the salt of the domestic market, but salt rock exports have requirements that cannot be ignored, for example, for salt exports.
Road to Georgia, Jumbo Bag packaging is a must because bulk shipping is the first problem with inspection at the Turkish border and bulk cargo cannot be unloaded and then loaded.

export Iran rock salt

Rock salt packing

Three types of packaging are very common for salt rock packing and are always used:

  1. One-ton jumbo bag
  2. 25 kg bag
  3. 50 kg bag

In terms of price, the 2kg and 5kg bags are naturally more expensive than the jumbo bag because each bag has to be sewn separately and on the other hand costs a lot of labor and bagging.

Of course, for some routes, such as the Gulf States, small bags must be used as there is no way to transport a jumbo bag into the paddock!

But for seagoing routes, which usually have a lower shipping cost, using a jumbo bag is very economical and will lower the cost.

Of course, the type of bag loading also has a significant impact on the final shipping cost, because if your clearance cannot fit into a 5 ton container of Jumbo Salt Stone, you will have to rent another container for shipment which will naturally incur high costs. Takes.

export Iran rock salt

Cattle rock salt

Cattle rock salt or animal feed rock salt, is one of the most widely used salts in all countries and almost no country can be found that does not use this product.

In the countries around Iran, we can mention the following countries that have the highest purchases of animal rock salt:

  • Georgia
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Emirates

Rock salt for cattle feed

Industrial rock salt

Industrial salts are a widespread term that applies to all salts of less than 98% purity, and this name was used by businessmen and miners because, according to the Ministry of Health, all salts are industrial and only salt refined can follow the edible title!

Rock salt for cattle feed

Export Iran rock salt

Salt stone export is an important and decisive factor primarily because the standard of each country differs from one country to another, making it more difficult or easier.

Rock salt for cattle feed

Halito’s long history of exporting salt to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and India has made it a valuable experience for the powerful Halito group to guide salt traders and exporters.

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