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What is industrial rock salt?

Do you know what kind of industrial rock salt is called? Do you think it is possible to buy the best industrial export rock salt from the domestic market?
As the name implies, industrial salt is used in industries and factories that deal with industry.

You know that Iran’s extracted rock salt has a high tonnage due to its numerous mines, and except for 6% of the rock salt that is sent to factories for food consumption, the rest is used in refineries, agriculture and industry.

In order to know more about industrial rock salt, you will be provided with information about the characteristics and specifications of industrial rock salt.

rock salt manufacturer

What are the properties of industrial rock salt?

There are many types of salt, depending on the mineral being extracted and the amount of purity it contains. Industrial rock salt is less than 95% pure and is not suitable for oral use.

This type of rock salt, with its low purity, can be used in various industries, but will not be useful for human consumption.
Similarly, low-purity rock salts used in industrial plants are called industrial salt rocks.

Due to the fact that Iran has a lot of experience in extracting rock salt and producing industrial salt and is successful in this field, it exports salt, both industrial and edible, to different countries.

rock salt manufacturer

Factors affecting the price of industrial rock salt

To determine the price of industrial salt and granulated salt such as sugar salt and powdered salt, several factors such as the cost of mining, the cost of personnel, the cost of machinery and other overhead costs are effective.

Purity is one of the most important factors in determining the price of industrial salt rock, but you do not always need high purity rock salt.

rock salt manufacturer

Industrial rock salt price

rock salt manufacturer

Introducing a variety of industrial salts

Industrial salts are extracted from industrial rock salt in such a way that the salt rock is extracted from the mines and taken to industrial salt factories, where it is crushed using a variety of crushers and granulated during crushing and grinding. .

Industrial salt grains range from zero millimeters to 10 millimeters and are named based on grain size, and because industrial salt is not consumed orally, it does not undergo refining steps and is not added to materials such as potassium iodide.

As mentioned, industrial salts are classified according to mesh size and grain size, so industrial salts are divided into types of sugar salt, fishery salt (pea), shell salt, powdered salt, road salt and drilling salt.

Sugar salt, also known as crystal salt, coarse salt and granular salt, is one of the most popular industrial salts and is widely used for drilling.

Sugar salt is available in two types: coarse salt and fine salt. Coarse salt is produced in sizes of eighty-four hundredths of a millimeter to three and a half millimeters, and fine salt is produced in sizes below 2 millimeters. Fine sugar is widely used in the national drilling industry and the oil company.

Fish salt, known as chrysanthemum salt and bulgur salt, is produced in sizes above two and a half millimeters because it is the most widely used type of salt in the fisheries and disinfection industries, and is referred to as fishery salt.

In addition to the fisheries industry, this type of salt is used to process olives to obtain bitterness from olives, dairy industries such as cheese making, resin recovery, use in boilers, water treatment industry, equipment storage and dishwashing.

Fish salt is produced in two types, mixed or mixed and of the same size.

Powder salt is another type of industrial salt that is zero to 8 tenths of a millimeter in size and is known as the smallest industrial salt.

Since this type of salt is the smallest industrial salt, it is also known as sub-sand salt, but this belief is wrong and the salt under sand is also smaller than powdered salt and is in a dusty state.

Powdered salt is used in the production of nuts, antifreeze, fish farming, acidic industries, poultry feed, livestock salt, and leather cleaning and the production of composite raw materials.

rock salt manufacturer

Buy industrial rock salt

As mentioned above, industrial salt is considered as one of the basic materials in many industries and as a result, the production of industrial salt rock is considered as one of the parent industries.

Industrial salt is used in medicine, health, pharmaceutical, dyeing, textile, dairy, food industries such as canned food and fisheries.

The purity of industrial salt rock is less than 96%, which is less than the purity of lime and gypsum.

Iran is one of the top 20 countries in the world in the field of rock salt extraction and Garmsar is the center of salt rock production in Iran.

The existence of salt rock mines in Iran and the possibility of producing industrial rock salt in Iran has made Iran one of the exporters of industrial salt rock to many countries, especially Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE and Iraq.

Due to the widespread use of rock salt, many industry owners are looking for the best salt stone sales center.

Halito rock salt group is proud to be the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, which exports its products not only to the domestic market, but also to other countries.

rock salt manufacturer

The difference between industrial salt and traditional salt

Traditional salt is salt that has been processed by traditional methods without the use of modern equipment. In ancient times, in the absence of facilities, after extracting salt from salt mines, salt was brought to traditional workshops and crushed and consumed into small grains using a hammer and then a mill.

A little later, with the arrival of packaging machines, iodine was added to these salts, which were marketed in yellow packaging.

At that time, operations such as initial washing, washing with a hydraulic device, purification, centrifugation, adding anti-cake and reverse sugar, etc. were not observed in the traditional way of producing edible salt.

In addition, traditional salt contains a lot of salts such as calcium and magnesium, and its purity is much lower than that of salts, which has been created with extensive facilities.

Industrial salt, which is not consumed orally, is not produced in the traditional way today, because after extracting salt from salt mines, salt stones are taken to salt rock factories, and after surface washing, they are crushed with special and advanced devices. Specific screens are scanned and mesh is specified.

In fact, industrial salts today have certain sizes and their application is determined by the mesh and size of the salt grains.

rock salt manufacturer

Familiarity with the applications of industrial salt

Most of us think that salt is mostly used in the food industry and that salt has a small share in the industry, while about 90% of the salt extracted from mines is processed and used for the non-food industry.

The use of salt in industry is so important and widespread that it is safe to say that industries will be paralyzed without salt.

Here are just a few of the thousands of uses of salt in the industry:

  • One of the applications of industrial salt is its use in spinning, textile weaving and dyeing industries
  • To produce resistant materials such as durable concrete
  • Many industries, such as steel and steel, are also dependent on industrial salt
  • Industrial salt is used to purify the alloys produced or to remove rust or important processes such as galvanization.

In a word, in short, the use of industrial salt is very extensive and does not fit into this discussion.

rock salt manufacturer

Salt Center without iodine

Salt iodization is done during the salt treatment process and is added to the salt to prevent hypothyroidism and provide iodine to the body, but since 90% of rock salt is used orally, there is no need to add iodine, so industrial salt They are cheaper and industrialists buy industrial salt in large quantities.

Iodine-free salt sales center sells iodized salt in various meshes for industrial and home use.

Iodine-free salt is widely used in bakeries and bakeries.

Food Salt Factory

With the expansion of food salt factories, healthy iodized and hygienic salt was made available to the public. Food salt has a purity of over 92% and eliminates the risk of hypothyroidism and goiter despite iodine deficiency. Using unsalted salts as table salt can cause many problems, including digestive problems and kidney stones.

Integrated salt with a purity of more than 99.2% supplies re-crystallization salt in 25 kg packages.

Garmsar Industrial Salt Factory

Garmsar Industrial Salt Factory processes the salts extracted from high quality Garmsar salt mines and packages them in different meshes.

Garmsar rock salt is the most popular industrial salt in the Middle East because it has a high percentage of purity and high quality.

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As a Garmsar Salt Shopping Center, Halito rock Salt group supplies a variety of salt and exported rock salt, some for the domestic market and others exclusively for the export market.

  • Powdered salt
  • salt size 2 mm
  • rock salt for live stock
  • raw rock salt
  • red rock salt
  • Orange rock salt

rock salt manufacturer

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