salt tablets

Wholesale sale of hard salt tablets with vacuum packaging, 25 kg bag, 10 g tablets with completely easy transportation, oral grade without calcium and magnesium, minimum sale of 1 ton.

What is a salt tablet?

To harden water and remove water-insoluble substances, the most harmful of which are calcium and magnesium, the presence of high concentrations of sodium, the main manifestation of which is salt, is a purely chemical requirement, and the timely absence of salt in the facility will cause huge costs.

Exactly from the moment you notice a sharp change in the taste of water, you should know that insoluble substances have penetrated into your drinking water from the walls of pipes and installations and you should remove them as soon as possible, and the easiest way to do this is to use rock salt.

But usually because of the more difficult use of rock salt, many people and hospitals prefer to use salt tablets for their dialysis machines, which is a much easier to use alternative.

Halito salt tablets are very compact and, like regular tablets, just insert the required amount into your dialysis machine or resin machine and it does not require additional work.

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Easy shipping The salt tablet makes it a very attractive option for hardening water


salt tablets

Types of rock salt for water hardening

For your more familiarity, dear readers, we have listed the differences between the types of salt and hard rock salt produced in the Halito rock Salt collection in the table below, and by reading it, you can easily understand the difference between each of them and the benefits of each.

As you can see, hardening salt and rock salt in the bag are cheaper than other hardening products and the highest purchase rate belongs to these two items, but in most hospitals, due to lack of space and sensitive devices, it is preferred that Cut salt rock into cartons and use hard salt tablets.

The last two are much more expensive than the other products, but it should be noted that they take up the least amount of space and are very easy to use.

salt tablets

Buy bulk hard salt tablets

Halito rock salt complex is the largest producer of rock salts and hardening salt in Iran, which in addition to supplying its products in the country, also provides other neighboring countries in this regard.

salt tablets

To place an order to buy hard rock salt, hard salt, salt tablets and cut rock salt, contact our experts and place your order.

It should also be noted that it is possible to send hard rock salt in bulk in small pieces. Contact us for more information.

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