wholesale rock salt

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At present, the purchase of industrial salt rock with Halito brand in general and mainly by the owners of various industries inside and outside the country, which has a high level of quality, a very reasonable and fair price.

You can always buy this product through its unique website called Halito, so that it can be delivered as soon as possible with the same quality selected by the buyers, which is very much to their liking.

wholesale rock salt

Biggest rock salt supplier in Iran

In our beloved country of Iran, in addition to the production of edible or iodized salt, industrial salt is also produced, which is removed from the edible aspect due to its purity and is mostly used in industries.

Among the types of industrial salt rocks, we can mention fishery, powdered, sugar or drilling salt, pea, oyster, etc., each of which has a different appearance and functional form, some of which we will briefly explain here.

Therefore, drilling salt is used in the production of the famous Liqwan cheese, salt for hard meat, and drilling industries, and fishery salt in various industries, including the elimination of unpleasant odors of fish, tanning, water and wastewater treatment plants, and also from powdered salt. Industrial soft is used to produce acid and produce poultry feed, which has been very effective in the economic development of the country and the needs of its various markets.

It should be noted that the owners of different industries, because this type of rock salt has a lower and more appropriate price than iodized rock, uses it more, because the production of iodized and edible salt is very expensive. It is not economical and also has a great impact on the waste of the main capital of these industries, they benefit less from it.

wholesale rock salt

Industrial rock salt production center

Nowadays, the industrial salt production center in Halito brand produces it in different types and in different forms in various qualities and sends it to the target markets, so that by attracting customers and gaining their trust and satisfaction, it can increase its supply and demand. Ultimately achieve a net profit for itself, which will definitely help to maintain the continuous existence of its production center.

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wholesale rock salt

It should be noted that this production center seeks to increase the quality level of this product to the desired level by employing the world’s expert forces and up-to-date knowledge, so that in addition to meeting the domestic needs of the foreign market, it can certainly shorten The economic development and growth of the country also plays a big role.

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