Salt tablets

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What is a salt tablet?

Water purification salt tablets are edible salt that is compressed and made in the form of tablets. Usually, these types of tablets are produced with high purity. These tablets are used in various industries, of which water purification is only one of its uses. As you know, water has a lot of lime and this lime can cause problems in the performance of devices in various industries over time. Therefore, salt tablets are used to remove limescale in these devices.

In fact, these tablets are used as purifiers in water hardness devices or systems that work in the form of reverse osmosis. Among the features considered for water purification salt tablets, we can mention its complete solubility, high degradability and also its high purity. These things have made these tablets a suitable material for use in various industries.

Salt tablets

Swimming pool water treatment with salt

One of the uses of salt tablets for water purification is to use it to purify the water of the pool and disinfect the pool. As you know, chlorine is usually used in swimming pools to disinfect water. But using this substance can cause problems such as eye irritation, dry skin, etc. Therefore, using salt tablets can be a good option for disinfecting water. In addition to not causing such problems, using salt will also be economical. Therefore, using salt tablets to disinfect the pool can be a good option.

Salt tablets

Salt tablets production factory

Fortunately, water purification salt tablets are produced by many factories inside Iran. For this reason, you can easily get this product from sales centers that sell the product wholesale and retail. Due to the fact that Iran has access to rock salt resources inside the country, the production of salt products is also seen in abundance. One of these products is salt tablets. Due to the fact that these products are produced in the country, you can get them easily and at a reasonable price.

Salt tablets

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