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Center for production and sale of mineral rock salt and salt tablets, iran salt factory located in Garmsar city, semnan province.

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Introducing salt tablets for water purification

Salt rock is sold in different types such as powdered salt, decorative rock salt, tablet salt, etc. Salt tablets are less well known among rock salts; These stones are widely used to purify water and increase the life of resins, and their use has many economic benefits.

Increasing the life of water purifier filters, reducing maintenance costs of purifiers, reducing water hardness and preventing the formation of calcareous deposits in the valves and reducing the depreciation of purifiers and increasing the efficiency of RO are among the advantages of salt tablets.

Many people mistakenly think that powdered salts or crushed rock salts can be used to purify water and soften water; Purifying salt tablets, on the other hand, have properties that other salts do not. For example, these salts have a very high purity and solubility and no iodine elements are used in their structure.

salt tablets

Production of decorative rock salt

Decorative salt stone is one of the best-selling and most attractive salt stones, which in addition to beautifying the environment, creates a sense of calm in the environment and has many healing properties. Decorative rock salts are produced in different types; But among them, salt rock lamps and candle holders have more properties and salt stone sales are higher in this type of model.

Because light radiation to these stones directly causes ionization and the production of negative ions that negative ions have a positive effect on the body and increase blood flow and strengthen the immune system. Salt rock can also be used as an environmental purifier. It is recommended to place rock salt in the bathroom and toilet area to remove contaminants.

salt tablets

Sale of mineral rock salt

People who work in the field of decorative rock salt production or their field of work is the production of salt tablets or have a sanitary and edible salt factory; They should look for a reputable center to buy raw materials and minerals.

salt tablets

Halito rock salt complex has been selling mineral rock salt for many years and provides powdered and uncut rock salt for many producers. With the expansion and development of e-commerce, the sale of mineral salt rock is also done online and the desired volume can be easily ordered online.

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