Iran Industrial salt

Iran Industrial salt supply market in 2022, export industrial salt to Russia and Iraq, 25 kg bag and jumbo bag.

Industrial salt supply market in 2022, industrial salt rock price, industrial salt producer, export of industrial salt with jumbo bag, for direct purchase of edible and industrial salt from the factory.

Salt is one of the most widely used products in various industries that in addition to being used in food preparation can also be used in various industries and this special type of salt is known as industrial salt.

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Iran Industrial salt

The purity of industrial salt compared to table salt

In terms of appearance, there are many similarities between industrial salt and table salt, but the differences are not small, so that these two salts have many differences in terms of purity; Industrial salt is widely used in the production of chemicals, especially in the petrochemical industry, and the use of salt in these cases does not require a high degree of purity as table salt, so the most important difference between the two salts in terms of amount and purity. There is no industrial iodine salt.

The purity of common salt is 99%, while this level is 95% of industrial salt, and this is due to refining processes on common salt and removing unsuitable mineral compounds from it, because compounds such as mercury and arsenic in Unrefined salt can cause kidney stones and poisoning in the body, but in industrial salt, due to the lack of oral consumption, there is no limit in this regard and there is no need for refining and purity more than this amount.

Therefore, the purity of industrial salt is much lower than table salt because different processes have not been refined and on it, and due to its use in various industries such as tanning, animal and poultry nutrition, paint production, animal husbandry and many other cases need not be Increasing the degree of purity is not.

Iran Industrial salt

Iran industrial salt supplier

The supply of industrial salt in different grades is in the form of industrial salt rock and can be extracted from the mines that exist in different parts of the country. However, due to the different types of these salts in terms of purity in terms of price between They will be different, so major buyers should inquire about the price of this salt before ordering, so that more detailed planning can be done to order it.

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Iran Industrial salt

Price inquiries are easily done through this website and its sales department, and buyers can be in direct contact with this seller through various telephone and social networks to be informed of the current price and, based on the need for the desired industrial salt for the address. Ask yourself.

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