rock salt for cattle

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Salt for the production of poultry feed

Livestock and poultry salt is a vital ingredient for growth, livelihood and fertility of livestock and poultry.

One of the basic needs of poultry is the need for sodium and chlorine, which are needed to maintain the electrochemical gradient of tissues, digestion, absorption of minerals from the intestine into the blood, fertility and increase egg laying, and for this purpose some of the salts of livestock and poultry are produced. It is used in the country for the production of chicken poultry.

rock salt for cattle

Benefits of salt for cattle

You may have noticed in the farms that they also have salt blocks next to the sheep feed; have you ever been asked why salt is given to the sheep?

Without sufficient rock or salt in the sheep’s diet, the sheep’s hormones are disrupted, resulting in decreased fertility in the herd, and symptoms such as:

  • Reduce sheep milk
  • Gastrointestinal disorders such as severe diarrhea
  • Lack of muscle contraction
  • Disrupt the balance of the body

One of the consequences of not using rock salt in livestock.

To increase the appetite for sheep flock, using salt rock is a must for the sheep and is also the cheapest, most economical, convenient and most effective way.

rock salt for cattle

Rock salt for cattle

Rock salt for cattle, as it is used for livestock consumption, must be of good quality and quality and produced in different cuts and sizes and prepared for sale.

Buying salt rock for livestock must come from reputable collections, since when buying animal rock salt you have to look for certain features and in the meantime using the best quality is particularly important, so let’s talk about some of these important features .

Premium animal rock salts should be magnesium free even if possible because magnesium has an adverse effect on milk and fat content of the animal and will prevent the animals from fattening properly.

On the other hand, excessive iron in rock salt is also harmful to livestock and you should avoid buying such stones.

Keep in mind that most salts come with red salts, so avoid buying such salts for animal feed.

rock salt for cattle

Export rock salt for cattle

It is interesting to know that Iran is one of the major exporters of livestock salt and supplies the Halito group of cut salts in the most beautiful way in carton packaging.

rock salt for cattle

Most of the rock salt is exported to China, Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

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