White salt livestock

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White livestock salt special for the Georgian market, livestock rock salt with an exceptional price in 1-ton packages, loading in bulk and bagged, delivery to the factory door and the border.

Is rock salt harmful to livestock?

One of the cheap foods that can supply sodium and chlorine to the animal body is animal salt. The lack of this substance causes a disturbance in the animal’s nervous system. The presence of chlorine and sodium salt keeps the blood pressure of the animal. It is better to provide rock salt to the animal before the ewe gives birth so that the animal’s body can receive a significant amount of salt. Also, livestock salt should be used during the fattening period to increase the appetite of the lambs. It is necessary to use this high-quality rock salt for livestock because salt reaches the stomach of livestock with food and water and destroys microbes and enzymes there.

In fact, livestock salt is an antiseptic food that eliminates digestive diseases of livestock. In addition, the consumption of rock salt causes the absorption of amino acids in livestock. Rock salt that is used for animal consumption should never be refined because its useful elements are lost.

White salt livestock

Manufacturer of livestock salt block

Salt brick is the same rock salt that is cut with the help of special devices and turns into cubes. Because most of the animal’s food is fodder and does not have many minerals needed by the animal’s body, the animal absorbs the minerals by licking the brick of animal salt. Livestock salt brick is considered a food supplement for livestock. All salt rocks can be converted into salt bricks.

A producer of livestock salt bricks should extract salt bricks from the richest mines because the use of salt destroys the digestive microbes of the livestock and with the destruction of the microbes, the meat and milk of the livestock will be tastier. Therefore, in order for a livestock salt brick to have all its properties, it must be obtained from the best producer. By producing this product, livestock salt brick manufacturers help a lot in solving livestock problems such as: anemia, bone softening, malt fever, hormonal disorders.

White salt livestock

White salt livestock

Livestock salt is sold in various centers across the country, which are offered to the customer in different volumes and sizes according to the customer’s order. There are many different ways of selling rock salt, and this has led to the prosperity of its sales market. The sale of rock salt for livestock is done in person or online according to the type of need and type of livestock.

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White salt livestock

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