cattle rock salt

Iran Factory prepare and sell cattle rock salt, supply bulk rock salt to Georgia for dairy and cattle, prepare white rock salt in bag.

The factory sells salt and animal salt rock, all kinds of streaked white rock salt, single hand white rock salt, powdered salt, sugar salt, 25 kg bags, shipping all over the country, Kerman, Kermanshah, Khuzestan, Mazandaran.

Animal rock salt is one of the materials used in animal feed. The use of salt in livestock and poultry feed has a long history. In fact, this product is known as one of the cheapest food supplements for livestock. Today, by using this stone in feed or next to animal feed, the health of livestock and poultry is somehow guaranteed.

Livestock rock salt is used in powder form in feed or lickable blocks. The supply of rock salt is done from salt mines in different parts of the country. We will provide more information about this product.

cattle rock salt

Properties of rock salt for livestock

Animal rock salt is among industrial salts and is a natural supplement for animal feed. Entering the stomach of livestock, salt destroys harmful microbes and parasites. This work improves the performance of the animal’s digestive system. As a result, livestock growth is done better. Other benefits of animal salt include better absorption of amino acids and regulation of fluids in the animal’s body.

Also, animal rock salt strengthens the internal muscles, improves the nervous and hormonal system of livestock. The result of this action is to improve the weight and milk of the animal.

cattle rock salt

Why do they give salt to cows?

Livestock rock salt is given to livestock with a general commercial purpose. In fact, salt helps to improve the performance of the cow’s body. Animals are forced to drink a lot of water by eating or licking rock salt. This increases the animal’s appetite. As a result, the weight and amount of milk increases. Salt is given to cattle in two ways, directly and indirectly.

In the direct method, rock salt is placed next to the cow, due to the saltiness, the cow wants to lick it. In the indirect method, this salt is given to cows in the form of different foods.

cattle rock salt

 Cattle rock salt market

Livestock rock salt is harvested from different parts of Iran with different properties and characteristics. We have supplied and supplied the best types of animal salt in this collection. As a result, you can buy the best types of this product from us.

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cattle rock salt

Halito rock salt collection has a wide range of activities in the field of wholesale and retail animal salt rock carpets. For more information about buying and selling this product, you can contact our colleagues.

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