The largest rock salt export company in Iran

rock salt export company

The largest rock salt export company in Iran delivery goods at destination, white, red, pink and orange rock salt export center, transporting salt rock in 1 ton jumbo bags, the lowest sea and land shipping rates by all routes.

 Iranian rock salt export market

Due to its high quality rock salt mines, Iran can create a large export market in the world and achieve greater economic prosperity.

Halito rock salt Export Company, by supplying quality salt stones in export markets and guiding reputable foreign customers, exports Iranian salt stones to different countries.

rock salt export company

Introduction of export salt

Because Iran has minerals rich in high quality rock salt and due to its location in the best export point, it is possible to export its salt to many countries within a radius of 2,000 kilometers outside its borders.

Naturally, exports are always a very attractive option for all countries due to currency, which will also lead to the prosperity of domestic business.

Halito rock salt group has always been able to keep its customers satisfied due to its very powerful team of extraction, loading and transfer of fast and accurate salt rock.

You should keep in mind that the export of salt and rock salt and the type of extraction and loading is very important and will have a direct impact on the cost.


Salt is one of the products in which shipping and packaging prices have a direct and significant impact and lack of mastery in this area can cause Increase costs and thus

The salts that are among the export salts have a high degree of purity and have a semi-crystalline texture. Iranian rock salt is available in food, decorative, industrial and in different colors and is exported to different countries.

rock salt export company

Salt export conditions

Due to the existence of numerous salt mines in Garmsar city and the establishment of up-to-date facilities in the field of salt milling and production of table salt, there is the potential to supply a large volume of international orders in a short time and send to the destination.

In general, the export of a product involves complex steps that only experts in this field can do because the export incoterms are very different from each other and the lack of familiarity with these cases and signing any agreement without consulting with people. Expertise can lead to huge financial losses.

The type of rock salt and the export and application salt that it will have at the destination is the first pillar of starting a sale and purchase, because other documents must be prepared and sent based on the customer’s request.

Obtaining a license for export to any country, how to market and find reliable foreign customers, determining the terms of trade with traders, registering export declaration information in customs, obtaining health and standard licenses for customs formalities are among the conditions for exporting salt to other countries.

rock salt export company

Export of salt to Turkey

Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia and Russia are among Iran’s salt export markets.

Turkey usually always offers white salt and crystalline salt as its main demand because it is in a good position in terms of salt resources but does not have white and crystalline salt mines.


Halito Rock Salt group is the largest supplier of crystal rock salt in Iran

rock salt export company

Salt importing countries

Many of us think that salt importing countries are deprived of the blessings of having a salt mine, while many salt importing countries have rock salt mines but for various reasons are importing countries. China is one of these countries.

China is one of the largest producers of salt in the world, but it does not have a rock salt mine and its number is so small that it does not meet the needs of this country.


The Halito rock salt group can be delivered to Chinese buyers in the port of Shanghai

rock salt export company

Rock salt export company

Halito rock salt export Company has the possibility of exporting salt rocket from zero to one hundred, ie from the stage of issuing proforma to the delivery of the container at the destination.

rock salt export company

Salt or rock salt purchased by customers in the countries of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, India and China can be delivered in any city or port that the buyer wishes with a very exceptional shipping rate.