persian salt lamp

Iran persian salt lamp Sales Center, organic salt lamp, the beautiful salt lamp made in Isfahan by iranian handicraftsman.

Production of persian salt lamp

For the production of decorative rock salt, rock salt is transported from mines to production centers or rock salt production plants.

Depending on the type of machine you have (many workshops have small peaks) you should choose your rock salt.

To produce this decorative rock salt, the rock rock must take on a semi-crystalline texture, for this purpose, the extracted rock salts are washed well after selection. Gone, the purity of the stone rises and becomes semi-crystalline.

In short, the most important part of the production of decorative rock salt is the following:

  • Choose the right rock salt
  • How to cut rock salt

persian salt lamp

Wholesale rock salt decor

Decorative rock salt has become one of the best-selling decorative products today and is sold by various collections.

Illuminated mineral rock salts are decorative items that, in addition to creating visual appeal in the environment, cause the production of positive energies and the repulsion of negative energies in the environment.

Salt rock has a special place compared to other minerals due to its ability to produce negative ions and also to eliminate negative energies.

White rock salt and orange rock salt are the most popular in the world of decorative rock salt and are the most popular, provided that the manufacturer can create the final product with elegance.

persian salt lamp

Sale of rock salt decor for export

Due to the existence of high quality rock salt mines in Iran, Iran is one of the largest producers of rock salt in the world; Therefore, a considerable volume of rock salt extracted from mines is exported to different countries, especially neighboring countries.

Decorative rock salt for export is different from decorative rock salt offered in the domestic market because it must be different to the resident type of packaging due to the long distance of transportation and also for marketing, and on the other hand it must have something new to say. Otherwise, it will not be able to compete with Pakistani and Chinese examples.

persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp market

Salt has long been of interest to humans and has always had a thriving market. For example, decorative salt stones engraved with Quranic verses are very important for repelling sore eyes and it is really necessary to be present in all places.

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persian salt lamp

Halito rock salt lamp produces the salted stone engraved with the verses of Van Yakad and Chahar Ghol in the best possible way and offers it at a very exceptional price.

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