persian salt lamp

Wholesale persian salt lamp very unique models, pyramid salt lamp with wooden base produced from therapeutic salt stone and Himalayan rock salt.

Healing properties of persian salt lamp

Salt stone bedside lamp is made of pieces of salt crystal, which in addition to providing light, also has a decorative aspect, and in addition to aesthetic aspects, these bedside lamps also have health and environmental benefits.

When the lamp inside the lampshade is turned on, the rock begins to produce negative ions that are capable of absorbing the positive ions produced by the electronic devices (TV, mobile phone, computer and tablet) that are used in daily life.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by these electronic devices has a very bad effect on our health, and prolonged exposure to this radiation causes a feeling of fatigue, increased stress and weakened immune system.

The presence of a saltstone lampshade can neutralize these electromagnetic rays because these lamps can filter the air and clean the lungs by absorbing foreign particles and environmental pollutants such as dust and cigarette smoke, thus improving the lungs. To breathe.

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Also, the positive effect of these lights on the healing process of people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis has been proven.

persian salt lamp

Introducing different types of salt rock lampshades

Halito  rock salt group produces various shapes of salt stone lampshades, which include pyramids, spheres, bowls and cubes and many other attractive designs, and offers them to the domestic and foreign markets. You can buy these products in bulk or individually. Prepare Halito rock salt collection.

Pyramid salt lamp

The pyramid is a historical symbol of power and aesthetically, the shape of the pyramid itself looks very beautiful. Building a pyramid as a symbol of strength and beauty using a piece of rock salt, which is a symbol of purity and positive energy, can be a special beauty. Give to your home and help purify the air and absorb the pollution in your home.

persian salt lamp

Ball of rock salt

Psychologically, circular shapes symbolize a continuous and eternal movement. Circular shapes and spheres are also a symbol of softness, introversion, purity, intimacy and peace.

If you would like to take advantage of the healing properties of these bedside lamps while feeling soft and calm in your home, we recommend that you prepare a ball of salt stone produced by Halito Collection. These balls are produced and supplied in various sizes.

persian salt lamp

Cubic rock salt

When you look at a cube in every way, it looks the same, which is why the cube is a symbol of geometric perfection, reliability, stability and energy dissipation. To create a sense of confidence, self-confidence and perfection in the house, cubic rock salt is a good option for you.

persian salt lamp

Wholesale sale of therapeutic decor rock salt

Halito Complex is the largest supplier of decorative salt stones, which are made from high quality and pure Garmsar salt mines and are mainly sold.

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persian salt lamp

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