pink rock salt

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Iran’s largest pink salt rock mine, Garmsar rock salt mine, all kinds of blue edible rock salt, glass crystal of salt heart, red and orange rock salt.

Garmsar is one of the cities in Iran that is a leader in the production of salt rock.

The selling price of Garmsar rock salt ore is very fair and appropriate, and by buying in bulk, you can also benefit from good discounts. This salt has good properties.

pink rock salt

What is the method of extracting rock salt from the mine?

You may be interested to know that salt is also obtained from the mine, that is why it is called rock salt, but the salt that is obtained from the Garmsar salt mine also has different types of ore that cannot be found in it. Food should be used, but it should be separated and crystallized with the help of devices. Each of these measures is done in the factory, that is, first the salt rock is separated from the mine and then it is transferred to the factory that has the device. To purify it.

It should be noted that the device in the mine should be able to separate this rock salt from the mountain, which is very important at first, but in Iran there are advanced devices and this is easy with them. When the rock salt is completely crystallized, it is transferred to another factory for packaging. With this action, it is sent to sales centers for sale, where you can easily buy this product.

pink rock salt

Purchase pink rock salt

Another product obtained from the mine is pink rock salt, which has a good quality and price to buy. The purchase of rock salt increases every year and in 1400, significant progress has been made.

According to the export market of pink salt rock, Halito rock salt Group can supply 800 tons of this product per month in prepared bags.

pink rock salt

To buy this product, you can visit the site and receive it on the spot with a simple order, giving the final price. In this way, it is economical for you both in price and shipping cost.

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By choosing this method to buy, there is no middleman to increase the price, and with peace of mind, you will buy products with quality and reasonable prices, so we suggest this method to you. Salt rock can help your body’s health.

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