manufacturer of salt bricks

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The largest manufacturer of salt bricks in small and large sizes, therapeutic salt bricks for building salt rooms with special salt glue, livestock salt bricks for export, cut salt rocks for dialysis machines with carton packaging.

What is salt brick?

As its name suggests, salt brick is the salt rock that is in the shape of a rectangular cube. Rock salt is cut into bricks by special machines. After cutting, rock salt turns into brick, and that is why it is called salt brick.

manufacturer of salt bricks

Manufacturer of salt bricks

The healing properties of salt bricks are similar to rock salt. Salt brick helps to create a sense of peace and repel negative energies around. Research has shown that salt brick is one of the natural sources of ion production. Another property of salt brick is to help clean and purify the surrounding air. This property helps a lot in the treatment of respiratory and lung problems.

Rock salt has good healing properties, but it is not possible to use rock salt with an unbalanced shape everywhere. This is why it is necessary to use salt bricks with regular dimensions. Salt bricks have many uses, which include therapeutic applications, production of decorative items, making cooking tools, building salt rooms, building salt hotels, building treatment clinics, building salt spas, etc.

manufacturer of salt bricks

Salt Bricks for wall

Not all salt rocks can be turned into salt bricks. Standard salt brick is obtained from salt stones that have high density and it is possible to cut them. If the rock salt is not as dense as desired, it will be powdered during cutting, or there may be cracks inside after cutting.

The thickness of the salt brick depends on its application. If salt brick is used in interior decoration and light needs to pass through it, the thickness of salt brick should be considered low. The standard dimensions of salt bricks are 5 x 20 x 10 cm. But in order to make the passage of light better, salt bricks can be produced in dimensions of 10 x 20 x 3. Of course, salt bricks can be produced in sizes of 10×10, 20×20 and 30×20.

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Also, salt bricks are produced in various colors and for this reason it is considered an attractive accessory in interior decoration. Common color ranges for salt brick paint include white, streaked orange, streaked white, red, and brown.

manufacturer of salt bricks

And finally, the price of salt bricks depends on many factors. One of the most important factors affecting the price of salt bricks is the quality of salt bricks. The higher the density of the salt rock from which the salt brick is obtained, the higher the quality of the obtained salt brick.

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