Export of salt bricks

Export of salt bricks to Turkey, salt bricks, 10*15*3, 10*20*3 cm, salt block 20*25*5, 20*30*5 cm, cheap price, production capacity monthly 10000 pcs.

Export of salt bricks in small and large sizes, cut salt bricks in sizes 15×20 and 15×25 for restaurants, the largest center for the production of therapeutic salt bricks for the construction of salt rooms, grill salt stones and cooking.

Salt plays a special role in our human lives. From its use in most everyday foods to various industries. The topic of this article is related to a special form of salt, which is called a salt brick.

What is salt brick?

Salt brick is the same salt that has been made into bricks. In fact, the rock salt extracted from the mines is taken to factories and cut with special machines. These stones are cut into bricks. This is the reason for their naming.

Export of salt bricks

Export of salt bricks

Rock salt has many excellent properties. But because this stone naturally has irregular dimensions, it cannot be used in any work. For this reason, it is necessary to cut them into regular shapes, which salt brick is one of the cut shapes of salt rock. The use of salt bricks can be seen in various industries. Among the most important of them, the following can be mentioned:

  • Medicine and treatment
  • Making decorative items
  • Making cooking tools
  • Building a treatment clinic
  • Building a salt room and…

Although the applications of these salt bricks are not limited to the mentioned cases, the most important and widely used application is in the construction of salt walls and salt rooms. Building a salt wall and salt room cleans the environment from harmful energies. Because the salt bricks used in it emit negative ions and prevent the entry of harmful energies. Using the salt room is used to cure many diseases, especially mental diseases.

Export of salt bricks

How to make a salt room

Engineering methods are needed to build a salt room. First you need to consider its location. The intended location should be evaluated by experts. If the place needs special conditions, the necessary changes will be made by the experts with the customer’s consent.

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Export of salt bricks

The floor, ceiling and doors of the salt room should be covered with salt bricks. Then it can be lit in different ways. All these things are done under the supervision of experts. Among the components that are used in the salt room, we can mention a salt waterfall, a speaker for playing soft music, etc.

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