Manufacturer of salt bricks

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Manufacturer of salt bricks in small dimensions and large bricks, salt bricks 10×15 and 10×20 thickness 3 cm, flat salt stone in dimensions 20×30 and 20×40 thickness 5, salt brick for building salt room and salt wall, stone Flat salt for cooking.

Benefits of brick salt therapy

Salt bricks are produced in two types, one of which is salt therapy bricks. Salt bricks, like other salt products, have many advantages. One of the most obvious advantages of this type of brick is its use in massage. For this, first, the brick is heated to the required level, then it is placed on the desired area. It relieves the pain and nowadays the use of this method has increased.

Brick treatment reduces muscle pain and relaxes the patient. Today, salt bricks are used everywhere. In addition to its therapeutic properties, this salt has a decorative aspect. Like rock salt, brick absorbs negative energies and spreads a sense of peace in the place.

Manufacturer of salt bricks

Building a salt room with salt bricks

To escape from mental problems, it is suggested to build a salt room with salt bricks. Building a salt room does not take much time and you can build the desired room in a short period of time. These types of rooms usually use salt bricks for the walls, which in addition to creating peace, doubles the beauty of your room.

The amount of salt bricks used to build a room depends on people, you can build all the rooms from salt. You should be careful what kind of salt you use to make the room. If the type of salt used is not good, it will leak after some time. It may also not remove negative energies from you.

Building a salt room is not for everyone. For this purpose, it is recommended to refer to Bana. Because if the basic room is not built, it is likely to be damaged in a short period of time. Salt rooms usually have a long lifespan.

Manufacturer of salt bricks

Manufacturer of salt bricks

To build a salt room, equipment is needed, the presence of which is necessary and obligatory. The equipment of the salt room depends on the factors that are discussed below.

  • Is the floor of the room sprinkled with salt or not?
  • What is it made for?
  • Does it have a cooling and heating system or not?
  • What is the size of the room?
  • What are its facilities?

Salt bricks wholesale supply and export

Manufacturer of salt bricks

To familiarize yourself with the salt room equipment and how to build and operate a salt room, it is recommended to watch the following video prepared by Halito Salt Rock Collection before doing anything.

Equipment is needed for each of these cases. Generally, these equipments are not expensive and are available in the market. Using these equipments requires expertise and not everyone can use them.

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