Iran rock salt

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Iran rock salt

Familiarity with different types of Iran rock salt

Garmsar salt rock mines can be considered one of the best salt mines in the world because of their diversity, purity and extraordinary properties; It has attracted the attention of geologists and traditional healers and nutritionists.

Garmsar salt rock can be found in a variety of colors

  • Gray
  • Red
  • pink
  • White
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Black

Observed and the presence of useful mineral elements has caused a variety of colors in Garmsar salt rocks and this issue has led to a boom in the market for buying and selling Garmsar salt rocks.

The presence of different colors in salt stones, in addition to increasing the use of stones in the production of decorative accessories; It has also been used in cooking, as these salts are good for the body and make salt more palatable.

For example, in blue salt rock, we see the colorful presence of the element potassium, which is joyful and has caused the salt to have a special taste, so that this rock salt is used in prominent European kitchens.

Iran rock salt

Garmsar Salt Factory

With the increase of extraction from Garmsar salt mines and the increase of equipment for crushing rock salts extracted in the mines, around the mines, industrial factories for processing and packing salt in different types have been established.

Due to the use of rock salt, these factories package this widely used mineral in various types of industrial, food and livestock in different weights and with different meshes.

Iran rock salt

Rock salt supplier in Iran

Mineral edible rock salt can have very special properties for the body; For example, these mineral rock salts contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and iodine, and as a result, prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and their consumption is not harmful to the kidneys, heart and arteries.

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Crystal rock salt is the purest type of rock salt on Earth that is widely used to make medicine and in traditional medicine. Recommended as a healing version

Note that any type of rock salt extracted from mines is not edible, but rock salt mined should be cleaned of heavy elements and metals such as mercury in salt rock factories and then distributed. Therefore, it is recommended, mineral rock salt should be Have the necessary permissions.

Iran rock salt

Wholesale of rock salt

Another application of rock salt that everyone is familiar with is their use for the production of poultry, poultry and livestock inputs, because the use of rock salt in livestock feed maintains balance in the body of livestock and prevents premature death and many Prevents diseases among livestock.

Halito rock salt group offers various types of animal salt rock for domestic and foreign markets with different prices and variety.

Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt market

Due to the high purity and the presence of minerals and the color variety of rock salt, the market and purpose of each rock salt is also different, so to buy salt rock before any action, you can get a free consultation from Halito rock salt company.

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Iran pink rock salt Exporter

Transportation and loading of rock salt is the most important category in the field of sales and transportation of this product, which can be said to be the top specialty of Halito collection in all these years.

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