salt room equipment

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The emergence of salt rooms goes back to when people realized that salt therapy is one of the natural methods that cures many diseases. Among the extraordinary properties of rock salt, the release of negative ions, followed by regulation of heart rate, feeling of relaxation and strengthening of the body’s immune system, can be mentioned. Nowadays, salt rooms are equipped for various environments such as hotels, swimming pools, massage parlors, yoga parlors and medical centers. The salt room equipment is as follows:

  • Halogenerator: a device that disperses fine salt particles in the air
  • Salt masaz stone: If a high-quality type is used, it multiplies the results of the massage.
  • Salt soap: which exfoliates the skin, making it soft and supple.
  • Salt bricks and decorative items such as lampshades and salt lamps can be added to the salt room for a better effect.
  • Being in a salt room and enjoying its numerous benefits will be an exciting and dreamlike experience and worth trying.

salt room equipment

Introduction of underfloor heating system

One of the equipments of the salt room is the underfloor heating system. In this system, by installing hot water pipes in the floor of the building, heat distribution is done uniformly. Placing the floor heating system in these rooms has been one of the smartest ideas to make the salt more effective. Because hot salts detoxify the body well.

salt room equipment

Brick salt therapy

Another tool needed to build salt rooms is salt bricks. Salt bricks are produced by cutting salt stones that have a suitable density, so they have all the properties of salt stones. Salt bricks have the ability to clean the air well, that’s why it provides the best place for those who have breathing problems. And by dispelling negative energy, it brings more peace.

Purchase of salt room equipment

People who intend to establish a salt room should know that by providing high-quality salt therapy products and by purchasing complete salt room equipment, as well as by using an ideal design, they can succeed in improving the effect of salt and satisfy their customers. get and subsequently increase their income.

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salt room equipment

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