powder salt factory

Iran powder salt factory, monthly production 650 tons, 25 kg packing, export to UAE, Afghanistan, Iraq, biggest manufacturer of industrial salt in Iran.

Garmsar Powder Salt Factory, monthly production of 650 tons, soft industrial salt, rock salt powder, 25 kg and 40 kg packaging, export of powdered salt to Afghanistan, for direct purchase from the factory.

Powdered salt is another example of salts, also known as flour salt. As it is known, these types of salts are in powder form and are used in powder form. These types of salts have a lower price than other salts. Note that they are very difficult to maintain. In fact, they should be stored in dry environments and there should not be the slightest moisture in the storage environment of powdered salts. Here we are going to introduce the producer of powdered salt, the use of powdered salt in industry and the introduction of Garmsar powdered salt factory.

Manufacturer of powdered salt

Various centers have been established across the country to produce powdered salt. The appearance of powdered salts is very similar to flour. Note that in the structure of this type of salt there is no crystal of salt and it has the same and uniform state. The grain size is between 0 and 0.8 mm. There is a unique way to produce this type of salt. It should be noted that reputable centers for the production of powdered salt in the country use the best methods in the world.

powder salt factory

Application of powdered salt in industry

Powdered salts have many different uses in industry, which is why they are known as industrial powdered salts. Powdered salts are unrefined salts that are mainly used for acid production as well as animal and poultry feed. In other words, this type of salt is used to prepare poultry and poultry inputs. It should be noted that this type of material is also used to produce composite raw materials. Other uses for this type of salt in industry include:

  1. Its use in the leather industry
  2. Powdered salts are used to make all kinds of paper.
  3. Other uses include its use in the acid industry as well as chlorination.

powder salt factory

Iran Powder Salt Factory

As you know, Iran salt factory is one of the highest quality and most reputable salt factories. Due to the high quality of salts, this factory has been able to satisfy everyone and occupy a special place.

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powder salt factory

Powdered salt is exported to Afghanistan on a regular basis in 20 kg bags.

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