Iran White rock salt

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How is rock salt formed?

The purest type of salt is rock salt in the mineral form of sodium chloride and has no additives. White rock salt is a natural, unrefined salt that consists of large crystals with mineral impurities. Sometimes impurities color the salt. For example, natural salt comes in white, pink, red, and black colors. The grain size, color, and flavor make rock salt popular for recipes, bath products, and crafts, but it can be expensive.

Thick white rock salt deposits are formed for underground mining or solution mining in a rare set of geological conditions. White salt rocks were formed when shallow seas spread over large areas of the continental crust. For a thick layer of white salt rock to be deposited, seawater evaporation must have occurred in dry climates and for long periods in areas with continuous or frequent influxes of new ocean water.

Iran White rock salt

What is natural salt?

Natural salt, as its name suggests, is extracted completely naturally from the sea and is obtained only through the evaporation of sea water. In fact, no process has been done on them and substances such as iodine and additives have not been added to it. Each of the salts should be considered in the amount of consumption. Sea salt has a hot and dry nature. People who have a cold temperament and have difficulty digesting food, it is better to use sea salt. This salt causes better digestion of food and relieves heaviness.

Iran White rock salt

Applications of Iran white rock salt

White rock salt is mostly used in the production of soda ash with the industrial names of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). The second most used area for rock salt is where there is ice. Contrary to popular belief, home use of rock salt accounts for the lowest percentage of total consumption. White rock salt is used in toothpaste production, detergent production, paper production, textile industry, leather industry, chemical industry, flue gas treatment, water and sewage treatment, and sanitary sectors. In addition, sodium bicarbonate is an essential ingredient in animal feed production.

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Iran White rock salt

Processed white rock salt is used to produce raw materials such as soda ash, chlorine and sodium hydroxide. White rock salt raw materials are commonly used in glass, paper, ceramics, plaster, toothpaste, soap, detergents, medicine, pesticides, other chemical components and coal sulfur decomposition and reuse zeolite processes.

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